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  1. It is an organization of men and women dedicated to protecting and serving the people in our county.  Sheriff Lindy Pendergrass is an elected official,  who fills a variety of important law enforcement and administrative duties in our community.

  2. Deputies are sworn law enforcement personnel, appointed by the Sheriff as an extension of himself, to help him uphold the law, preserve the peace, and carry out the many duties assigned to him.

  3. The Sheriff of Orange County, as in all counties in North Carolina, is elected for a term of four years.  The Sheriff and his staff are available to all citizens in the county, whether in the rural areas or a municipality with its own police department, mainly concentrating law enforcement efforts in the areas not inside the municipalities.  ***The Sheriff and his deputies have the authority to arrest for any violation of the law and are the only law enforcement officers in a given county with authority to serve Civil Process.

  4. Deputies are responsible for answering and resolving complaints such as domestic violence, domestic abuse, missing persons and runaways, drug violations, assaults, larcenies and burglaries, homicides, arsons, vandalisms, etc. 

  5. The patrol and investigations divisions use their training, equipment, and knowledge of the people to successfully investigate and conclude investigations and bring perpetrators of these crimes to court. 

  6. The Sheriff also has the responsibility of maintaining and operating the county jail, serving as an officer of the court and making sure that judge's orders are carried out. The Sheriff is also responsible for transporting prisoners to and from court and other jurisdictions.

  7. The Sheriff has the sole responsibility for the service of all civil process received.  North Carolina General Statutes state specifically only Sheriffs and Sworn Deputy Sheriffs are authorized to serve civil process. Many people do not realize that a Domestic Order under General Statute 50-B is a civil process.

  8. Our Sheriff's Office personnel also provides assistance to agencies such as fire departments, emergency management personnel, and other law enforcement agencies in Orange County.

In Our Community

  • Our Sheriff's Office works to help improve the quality of life in the county by sponsoring Community Watch.

  • Speakers are provided, upon request, to civic organizations and officers help with crime prevention programs, such as child fingerprinting and identification programs.  

  • In addition, D.A.R.E. officers spend many hours in the elementary schools talking to kids about the consequences of using illegal drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.

What Can You, As Citizens, Do ?

  1. Join Community Watch.  The Sheriff's Office needs your eyes and ears to see and hear.  Report suspicious people, cars, and conditions.  Take the initiative and learn how easy it is to report your suspicions and how we in law enforcement need your every call to reduce crime.

  2. Take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your property from crime.

  3. Be an informed citizen.  Be aware of the crimes going on around you.

  4. Communicate with and support your Sheriff's Office.  Let them know your needs and be aware of theirs.