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Mission Statement

Motto: "To provide responsive, accountable and professional law enforcement services".

  • This motto summarizes the goal of our department: To protect the rights of all persons to be free from crime and to live in peace. Every person regardless of his or her respective background is guaranteed certain rights and privileges that this department is bound to protect.
  • Our mission can be further delineated into certain ongoing objectives that we in law enforcement must continually strive to achieve as we seek to fulfill the goals of this Sheriff's Office.

        1.  Protection of life, property, and Constitutional guarantee.

        2. Enforcement of General Statutes of the State of North Carolina.

        3. Apprehension of law violators and the repression of crime.

        4. Preservation of social tranquility, safety, and well being of all citizens.

        5. Recovery and safe keeping of property.

        6. Prevention of civil disorder.

        7.  To provide service to the courts and the criminal justice system.

        8. Humane, safe keeping of all persons confined in Orange County's Detention Center.

  • Our policies and directives are formulated to direct our actions toward the accomplishment of these objectives.