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Investigator Ricky Smith  
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 The Property and Evidence Division of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the collection, handling, packaging, and preservation of all property found, recovered, seized, gathered from investigations and incidents. This extremely important activity is designated to Evidence Technician, Cpl. McDade.

Our Evidence Technician as well as other investigators, who assist with collecting property and evidence, are experienced technicians. All are properly trained to collect and record all property found at crime scenes or recovered property from arrested individuals. These technicians are trained on:

  1.  Use of fingerprint powders
  2. Chemicals
  3. Forensic light sources
  4. Other equipment used to develop and make visible, latent prints at crime scenes or on crime scene evidence.

These fingerprints are then compared to current inked fingerprints and A.F.I.S. fingerprints already on file.  

This division: tracks and maintains an active database of all weapons seized, and keeps them in storage until a court decision.    

The Property and Evidence division utilizes many different pieces of equipment to effectively complete their tasks.  The division first experimented with digital cameras in 1998.  These cameras have the ability to take photographs, movies, record dates and times on the photos, and record sound.  After a brief period, our department purchased enough for each patrol squad, our domestic violence, investigations, and drug unit.  

If you have recently been the victim of a crime and have been contacted by this agency that your property has been recovered, you may retrieve your property by:  

1.)  Call Investigator R Smith 644-3050, to verify that we have, in fact, recovered your property.  

2.) Once recovery is confirmed, make an appointment with Investigator R Smith  for you to come pick up your property.  

3.) Bring  your photo identification with you, such as a driver's license or state issued identification card, when you come.  Also, bring help, should you need it, for carrying and/or loading your property into your means of transport.