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Crime Prevention

  • The Crime Prevention Division of the Orange County Sheriff's Office sponsors many programs that are aimed at educating the public on matters of home security, safety, self-protection, drug prevention and awareness.  Community Watch, D.A.R.E., and C.A.R.E., are examples of a few of the programs offered by our Crime Prevention Division.    

  • COMMUNITY WATCH is a crime prevention program, which enlists the active participation of citizens in cooperation with our agency to reduce the opportunity for crime to occur in their communities. 

  • Deputy Butch Clark is in charge of this division.  Dep. Clark assists communities in organizing their own individual community watch group.  Residents are asked to be active in community watch, to be alert to suspicious vehicles or people in their neighborhoods and most importantly, report anything they see which is out of the ordinary. We encourage the community watch groups to participate in operation identification and offer security surveys of their homes. These residents who actively participate are our extra "eyes" and "ears" for the sheriff's office.  

  • D.A.R.E. is now an international joint effort by police and sheriff's offices to provide children with a drug education and prevention program.  D.A.R.E. is in all fifty states and in several foreign countries.  This is our 12th year with the program.  Deputies who are certified to teach the D.A.R.E. curriculum are Deputy Butch Clark, Deputy Hal Durham, Deputy London Ivey, Lt.Troy Comar, Investigator Tina Rimmer, and Deputy Christy Faircloth.

  • Birthday Party Service

    Any citizen may call the Orange County Sheriff's Office at (919) 644-3050 or (919) 942-6300 and request that a marked patrol unit and deputy appear at their home for their child's birthday party.  This service is offered for children ages 3-7.  Please provide us with at least 3 days advance notice so that we may schedule someone to attend.  The deputy will talk about what he/she does, the patrol car and the equipment in the car, and about how important education and good behavior is in order to become a deputy sheriff or police officer.  Deputies will also hand out Junior Deputy Badges and additional crime prevention material for the children.  Deputy Butch Clark is responsible for making the arrangements. 

  • House Check/Close Patrols

    Sheriff's Patrol Deputies provide the services of either House Checks or Close Patrols for Citizens who leave their homes for one reason or, business trips, etc.. To effect this service, just call 644-3050 or 942-6300 to speak with a Deputy on duty, at the Sheriff's Office, or, if you see a Deputy on Patrol, he will be happy to "write up" your request. Keep in mind that Citizens help make these services more effective by requesting them 2-3 days in advance of their leaving.