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  APRIL 2008

04/01/08 A break-in to vacant residence 2603 Bushy Cook Rd. between West Ten Rd. a/ Buckhorn Rd. reported. 5:38 pm. Item stolen- roll of carpet brown a/ white. Value – 175.00
  -Larceny 322 Hemlock Dr. off Old N.C. #10 east of Murphy Sch. Rd. reported 04/01/08 2:48 pm. Item stolen- 8’ Utility trailer black in color N.C. license BF-49412. Value- 1,500.00
04/02/08 Press Release- On Wed. 04/02/08  Our agency executed search warrant at 5714 Hwy 70 East east of Groucho Seafood. Ongoing investigation of illegal sale of Narcotics. Members of the Chapel Hill , Carrboro P.D., K-9 Units a/ North Carolina National Guard “NCRAID” assisted. Items seized- Firearms including AK-47 Assault rifle, money. Illegal narcotics was seized Heroin, cocaine,  Marijuana, a/ Ecstasy. 9 people were arrested a/ placed in Orange Co. jail pending 150,000.00 bond on each
04/03/08 thru 04/06/08  A Break-in to residence 6106 Willet Rd. off Pleasant Green Rd. off  Hwy 70E.reported 04/04/08.  Nothing reported stolen.
  A Break-in to residence 5804 Willet Rd. reported 04/04/08.   Items stolen- Casio (brand) digital camera a/ 5.00 in currency.
  Officers responded to these A Break-ins along w/ K-9 officers, after receiving description of suspect from citizen. Officers setup perimeter. Another citizen heard window break at their neighbors residence 5602 Willet Rd. Citizen detained suspect until officers arrived  Suspect; Jerry Pittman black male from Carrboro was arrested a/ charged. 
  A Break-in to residence 2415 George Anderson Dr. off Hwy 86S. south off Walmart reported 04/03/08. Item stolen- Garmin (brand) GPS unit. Value- 250.00
  A stolen vehicle 226 Odie St. off Faucette Mill Rd. off hwy 70W. reported 04/03/08. 1984 GMC Sonoma pickup blue in color w/ grey primer bed a/ right front end damage No tags. Value- 700.00
  A Break-in to unlocked vehicle 2911 Miller Rd. off Hwy 70E. between St. Mary’s Rd. a/ Orange High Sch. Rd. Items stolen- Hitachi (brand) table saw, reciprocating saw,2 12volt cordless drills, roofing nail gun, a/ hammer drill. Magellan (brand) navigator GPS unit. Value- 1,850.00
  A Break-in to residence 5022 Gov. Martin St. off Gov. Scott off Efland Cedar Grove Rd. 04/04/08. Items stolen- Panasonic video camera a/ Nikon digital camera. Value- 700.00.
  Larceny from vehicle McAdams Muffler off Efland Cedar Grove Rd. 04/04/08. Set of chrome hubcaps stolen off 1979 Chevy Impala. Value- 100.00.
  A Break-in to residence 4516 Little River Ch. Rd. between Hwy 57N. a/ Walnut Grove Ch. Rd. Items stolen- Sony digital camera, women's jewelry, X-Box 360 gaming system, Verizon memory card for wireless internet, a/ IBM laptop Think Pad computer. Value- 2,025.00
04/07/08 thru 04/08/08

Damage to mailboxes-220,303,307 Miller Rd. off Hwy 70E. west of St. Mary’s Rd. reported Mon. night 04/07/08


Littering- Fox Hill Farm Dr. off Baldwin Rd. between Miller Rd. a/ St. Mary’s Rd. Reported Mon. night 04/07/08.

19 bags of trash dumped on property.

A break-in to residence 6919 St. Mary’s Rd. north of Pleasant Green Rd. reported  04/07/08.

Items stolen- 20 gauge shotgun, Marlin (brand) 22 caliber semi-auto  Rifle. Value-400.00

  A break-in to residence 6900 Mt. Herman Ch. Rd. between Old N.C.#10 a/ Hwy 70E. Reported 04/08/08.Items stolen- 4 rings a/ 500.00 in change.
04/12/08 thru 04/15/08 Our agency received call on Mon. 04/14/08 appro 12:44 pm A break-ing a/ Entering in progress at 3018 University Station Rd. Between Old N.C. #10 and Hwy 70E. When officers arrived victim reported Suspect came to their door wanting to borrow gas. Victim reported other suspects tried to enter through the back door. Suspects fired shots at victim and victim returned fire. Officers arrested 4 suspects, with the help of Durham Police Dept K-9 unit one suspect was found hiding under neighboring residence.  Suspects were charged with Felony and breaking and Entering and Shooting into Occupied Dwelling. 
  A break-in to residence 2206 Miller Rd. off Hwy 70E. between St. Mary’s Rd. a/ Orange High Sch. Rd. Items stolen-Gateway computer C140X black in color,80 assorted DVD’s 6 PS3 games. Value- 3,600.00
  -Larceny 2111 Apt#F Orange Grove Rd. south of I-85. Victim reported 2006 Yamaha Scooter Silver Fox black in color stolen from parking lot. Value 3,000.00 
  A break-in to Business Ken’s Quickie Mart on Hwy 86N. a/ Phelps Rd. Video showed 3 males driving a Toyota Corolla white in color driving vehicle through front doors. Items stolen cigarettes a/ money.  On Tues. night 04/15/08 3 Suspect males operating white Toyota Corolla were arrested a/ charged at a residence on Orange Grove Rd. south of Dimmocks Mill Rd 
  A break-in to Business Huff’s on Hwy 70E. east of St. Mary’s Rd. Same suspects from Ken’s Quickie Mart drove vehicle front doors of Business.  
  A break-in 998 Timbers Dr. off Orange Grove Rd. south of I-85 . Victim reported 3 storage sheds broke in, nothing stolen.  
  -Arson 1805 Lawrence Rd. between Old N.C.#10 a/ Hwy 70A East. Victims 1997 Honda Accord was set on fire. Investigations is ongoing.
  A break-in to Business Lockhart’s Trading Post on Hwy 86S.a/ Mt. Sinai Rd. Video showed same suspects in a white Toyota Corolla driving through front doors of Business. 400.00 in cash was stolen
  Damage to Vehicle 2500 Hwy 54W. east of Dodsons Crossroads. Victim reported suspect(s) broke back window 2000 Ford Mustang. Value- 300.00
  A break-in to construction trailer on Sesame Rd. off Old Greensboro Hwy. west between Hatch Rd. a/ Neville Rd. Power saws, cordless tools stolen.
  A break-in to residence 704 Chapel Hill Creamery Rd. off Hwy 54W. west of Hatch Rd. Flat screen T.V. stolen.  
  A break-in to residence 7001 Doc Corbett Rd. off Carr Store Rd. Victim reported 22 cal. Revolver a/ 32 cal. Revolver unknown make black in color stolen Value- 400.00
  A break-in to construction site 4200 Carr Store Rd. off Efland Cedar Grove Rd. Victim reported side door kick in, nothing reported stolen.  
  Numerous mailboxes damaged on Mill Creek Rd. a/ Poplar Ln. off Lebanon Rd.  
  A break-in to residence 8306 McKee Rd. off Hwy 57N. north of New Sharon Ch. Rd. Police Ballistic Vest black in color a/ 50.00 in currency stolen. Value- 1,250.00
04/15/08 thru 04/17/08 A break-in reported 518 Miller Rd. vacant residence off Hwy 70E. west of St. Mary’s Rd. Items stolen- Hotpoint (brand) refrigerator white in color,Microwave white in color.
Value- 870.00
  Larceny Grady Brown Elementary on Grady Brown Sch. Rd. off Orange Grove Rd. Item stolen- Dell laptop computer. Value- 1,310.00
  Our agency executed search warrant at 1927 St. Mary’s Rd. off Hwy 70 E. Stolen items recovered- Honda 4 wheeler, Remmington .380 rifle a/ Remmington .223 Rifle, 1998 Harley Davidson motorcycle a/ Kubota ( brand) mini excavator stolen out of Granville Co. Value- 29,000.00 - 1 white male a/ 1 white female were arrested a/ charged
  A break-in reported 820 Uwharrie Ridge Rd. off Twin Elms off Dodsons Crossroads Items stolen-24” LCD monitor womens jewelry. Value- 3,010.00
  A break-in to residence #53 Dogwood Acres between 15-501 S. a/ Smith Level Rd. Items stolen- Dell laptop, IBM Laptop ThinkPad a/ curreny. Value- 3,000.00
  A break-in to Business Brown Bros. Auto 411 Erwin Rd. near I- 40 bridge Items stolen- 4- Hankook (brand) tires H725A w/ crome rims a/ 16- Goodyear Eagle F-1 crome rims. Value- 22,000.00
  A break-in to residence 2909 Brown Rd. off Laws Store Rd. Items stolen Smith &Wesson 357 revolver stainless steel w/ 4” barrel a/
Remmington Model 870 12 gauge pump shotgun. Value- 500.00
  Officers stopped vehicle driving reckless on Hwy 70W. east of Buckhorn Rd.
Vehicle was occupied by 3 black males,driver was charged w/ DWI. A search was conducted of vehicle. Officers found 76 grams of marijuana. All 3 males were charged for felony possession of marijuana.
04/19/08 thru 04/20/08 A break-in to unlocked vehicle 2623 Old Greensboro Hwy west of Neville Rd. 4.00 in currency stolen
  Larceny 9506 Collins Creek Rd. off Orange Grove Rd. east of Hwy 54W. 75 gallons of Diesel fuel stolen. Value- 300.00
  A break-in to residence 919 Smith Level Rd.south of Damascus Ch. Rd. Items stolen- Gateway notebook laptop,Gateway, Alhlon TK laptop,a/ C- Gate
Hard drive. Value- 1,350.00
  Damage to residence 1709 Smith Level Rd. south of Dogwood Acres. Windows broken out of residence under renovation. Value- 500.00
  Stolen vehicle 1800 Holman Ln. off Old School Rd. off Jones Ferry Rd. 2000 Cadillac Deville STS gold in color N.C. tags XTK-4535. Value- 19,500.00
  A break-in to residence 1329 Old Lystra Rd. off Mt. Carmel Ch. Rd. Items stolen- I-POD w/ headphones, Canon digital camera a/ Targus (brand) backpack.Value- 690.00
  Larceny from Business Orange Garden Center on Hwy 70E. east off St. Mary’s Rd. Items stolen- 30-32 quart bags of potting soil a/ flowers. Value- 430.00
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle 1836 Birmingham Ct. off Orange Grove Rd. north of I-85 Items stolen- XM radio receiver a/ sunglasses. Value- 24.00
  A break-in to residence 5504 Old N.C.#10 east of Murphy Sch. Rd. Items stolen- black cord tuner, Emerson (brand) VCR a/ medication
Value- 52.00
  A break-in to camper 3010 McDade Store Rd. off Efland Cedar Grove Rd. Items stolen- 12 gallons of gas, Sony 19” T.V. Eveready 100 v. battery charger. Shamanio (brand) fishing rods a/ Garcia (brand) fishing reels. Value- 570.00
04/21/08 and 04/22/08 Recovered Stolen Vehicle 2000 Cadillac Deville gold in color that was reported on Holman Ln.  Off Old School Rd. off Jones Ferry Rd. was located on Creekwood Dr. off Whitfield Rd. unoccupied  
  A break-in to Business Piedmont Electric 2500 Hwy 86S. south of Walmart.Suspect(s) cut through metal fence Item stolen- 2004 Yamaha 4 wheeler Value- 4,000.00
  A break-in to storage shed 2330 Orange Grove Rd. between I-85 a/ Grady Brown Sch. Rd. Items stolen- DeWalt power screw driver,2 battery chargers,Porter Cable (brand) orbit Sander a/ air guns nails. Value- 900.00
  Larceny 4112 Murphy School Rd. near Cornwallis Rd.
Items stolen- Ryobi (brand)push mower a/ 5 gal. of gas
Value- 221.00
  A break-in to residence 6309 Yarborough Buckhorn Rd. south of Bushy Cook Rd. Items stolen- Womens jewelry yellow gold rope necklace, yellow gold
Sapphire stone ring. Value- 2,010.00
  A break-in to residence 6729 U.S.70 W. west of Buckhorn Rd. Item stolen- E Machines desktop computer black in color.
Value- 590.00
04/23/08 thru 04/24/08 Larceny 5402 Walker Farm Rd. off New Sharon Ch. Rd. north of Schley Rd. Items stolen- Aluminum ramp a/ gas. Value- 225.00
  A break-in to residence 1000-65 Timbers. Dr. off Orange Grove Rd. south of Grady Brown Sch. Rd. Items stolen- X Box video game system, a/ 6 games. Value- 280.00
  A break-in to Business a/ Larceny of vehicle L.J. Rogers Trucking Co. 2818 N.C. 49 N. north of Carr Store Rd.
1988 Chevy truck white in color N.C. tag XK-7482 stolen. Pad lock cut on door nothing reported stolen
04/25/08 thru 04/27/08 A break-in to residence 208 Crestwood Cir. off Bethel Hickory Ch. Rd. between Dairyland Rd. a/ Hwy 54W. Victim reported suspect(s) broke in residence nothing stolen damage to door valued 150.00
  A break-in to storage shed 200 Hatch Rd. between Hwy 54W. a/ Old Greensboro Hwy.
Items stolen- Husqvarnia (brand) push mower, 2 Boulans (brand) weedeaters, set of Ping Zing (brand) Golf clubs, Black & Decker vaccum mulch. Value- 2,819.00
  A break-in to residence 111 Foxridge Rd. off Whitfield Rd. Items stolen- 15” flat screen T.V. 32” T.V. Apple desktop computer white in color 17” monitor, a/ a projector. Value- 12,700.00
  Damage to mailboxes 407 & 408 Yorktown Dr. off Smith Level Rd.  
  Larceny of vehicle 4508 Mt. Sinai Rd. off Hwy 86S. 1987 Cadillac Deville 4 dr. red in color N.C. tag VWF-7069. value- 6,000.00 Suspect(s) apparently straight wired vehicle, keys were not left in vehicle.
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle 5412 Hwy 70 east of Pleasant Green Rd. Item stolen- Garmin GPS unit black in color . Value- 300.00
  Larceny from residence 3115 Maple Ave. off High Rock Rd. off Lebanon Rd. $75.00 worth coins stolen.
  Recovered stolen rifle- Report of black powder rifle in ditch Hwy 57N. a/ Hwy 86N. Rifle was stolen out of Tennessee in 1981 serial number was entered in NCIC.
04/28/08 Larceny of disabled vehicle at Smith Level Rd. a/ Yorktown Dr. near Chatham Co. 1998 Chevy Astro Van red in color N.C. tag XRD-5067 Marine Corp sticker on back Window. Value- 9,000.00
  A Break-in to residence 1419 Lt# B Crawford Dairy Rd. off Old Greensboro Hwy west of White Cross Rd.  Item stolen- Sony 32” LCD flat screen T.V. Value- 2,200.00
  A Break-in to residence 125 Wolf’s Trail of Meachum Rd. off Damascus Ch. Rd. Items stolen- Sony digital camera 7.3 mega pixel silver in color, a/ I-Pod
Value- 450.00 Note; Officers conducted neighborhood survey, citizen reported seeing a grey pickup Riding through neighborhood. Unknown make or model
   Larceny from business A&Z Quick Stop on Hwy 70A. east of Lawrence Rd. Clerk reported white male suspect came in business, asked to use bathroom. Suspect came out of bathroom a/ advised clerk there was a leak in the bathroom, While clerk went to check bathroom, suspect stolen 178.00 from register. While clerk went to check bathroom, suspect stole 178.00 from register.
   Larceny from residence 2804 Franklin off Palmer’s Grove Ch. Between Lawrence Rd. Hwy 70E. Items stolen- set of 6 spoke 18” polished Aluminum rims. Value- 800.00
  A Break-in to storage building 8416 N.C. 49N. nothing reported stolen.  
  A Break-in to residence 3205 Pleasant Green Rd. off Hwy 70E. Item stolen- Samsung 40”LCD flat screen T.V. Value- 1,300.00
  A Break-in to locked vehicle 5915 Beech Bluff Ln. off Mt. Sinai Rd. Suspect(s) broke out side window. Item stolen- victim personal checks
On a closed account. Value- 5.00
04/29/08 and 04/30/08 A Break-in to Business Efland Car Wash Hwy 70W. near Efland Cedar Grove Rd. Suspect(s) damaged metal door, a/ exhaust fan, nothing stolen. Damage valued 1,500.00.
  A Break-in to vacant residence 7218 Atkins Rd. off Hwy 49N. north of Carr Store Rd. Items stolen-Craftsman sockets, ratchets, a / wrenches. Cobalt (brand) air compressor, Weedeater (brand) weedeater a/ electric pressure washer.
  A Break-in to residence 6518 Doc Corbett Rd. off Carr Store Rd. north of Efland Cedar Grove Rd. Suspect(s) damaged 2 exterior doors, nothing stolen. Damage valued- 500.00
   A Break-in to residence 1000 Lt# 70 Timbers Dr. off Orange Grove Rd. south of I-40 Items stolen- 170.00 in currency, Rob-Air (brand) air compressor,a/ yellow gold necklace Value-970.00
  Updated- Our agency assisted Hillsborough Police Dept on 05/01/08 in apprehending suspect Wanted in several residential A Break-ins in Hillsborough City Limits.  


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