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  FEBRUARY  2008

02/02/08 A break-in to residence reported 9009 Habitat Cir. off Gemena Rd. off Jomac Rd. off Bethel Hickory Ch. Rd. Items stolen- 2- Apple (brand) IPODs, and Phonics ABC learning game valued 335.00
  Juniper Place a/ Longwood Dr. off Whitfield Rd 2- Razors (brand) scooters stolen.
  A break-in to Piney Grove Church & stolen church van on Piney Grove Ch. Road off Hwy 70A east. Suspect broke in
 church a/ stole church van, suspect drove church van to a business in Hampton Point across from Wal- mart and drove
the van through front window of business. Hillsborough P.D. received alarm at business a/ saw van leaving the area a/ chased van to Piney Gr.Ch .Rd. where suspect jumped a/ ran. Damages valued at $50,000.
Brandon Johnson white male of Hillsborough was arrested on Mon. 02/04/28 for felony offenses.
  A break-in reported AZ Quick Stop Hwy 70A East east of Lawrence Rd. Front glass broken out. Newport cigarettes stolen
  A break-in reported to residence 3403 Hwy 86N. between Phelps Rd. a/ Walnut Grove Ch .Rd.
Items stolen- Toro (brand) leaf blower, Craftsman lawn mower a/ weed eater. 500 pc. tool set, battery charger,  Ryobi (brand) miter saw, Craftsman 5hp. tiller  value 4,250.00
2/7/08 A break-in to  unlocked  vehicle 1112 White Cross Old Greensboro Hwy. cash and jewelry  value 6,000.00
A break-in to Business Shade Tree Cabinet Shop on Old Pine View off Hwy 54W. West of Bethel Hickory Ch. Road.
2- routers,1- miter saw 1- box of checks to business
02/08/08 to 02/10/08 A break-in to business 4805 Hwy 54W. Piedmont Feed a/ Supplies between Orange Grove Rd. a/ Morrow Mill Rd. Items stolen- approx 3,000.00 plants, and trees
  A break-in to shed 4811 Dodsons Crossroads between Dairyland a/ Hwy 54W.  Between the dates September 2007 to January 2008
Items stolen-Echo (brand) 18" chainsaw, Ryobi (brand) backpack leaf blower a/ weed eater. DeWalt (brand) miter saw,a/   skil saw. Craftsman 12 volt drill. Value 1,180.00
  Larceny #2 Litchford Rd. off Whitfield Rd. between Hwy 86S. a/ Erwin Rd. Item stolen- portable basketball goal a/ backboard. Value 500.00
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle 935 White Cross Rd. off Old Greensboro Hwy. Items stolen- Garmin (brand) navigation system silver in color,a/ jewelry. Value 280.00
  A break-in to locked vehicle Byrdsville M.H.P. off Old N.C.#10 east of Lawrence Rd. Sony (brand) CD player value 300.00
  A break-in to residence 511 West Hill Ave. between Latimer St. a/ Hwy 70 West.
Items stolen- Panasonic (brand) surround sound, Phillips (brand) Plasma 27" T.V. a/ misc DVD's  value 5,660.00
  A break-in to 2 locked vehicles 114 Hwy 86N. off Hwy 70W. behind BP. Items stolen- 2 Sony (brand) AM/FM CD players. Value 320.00
02/11/08 to 02/14/08 A break-in to residence reported 4717 Hwy 54W. between Morrow Mill Rd. a/ Orange Grove Rd. Item stolen- Rossi (brand) 22 caliber single shot rifle w/ scope. Value 270.00
  A break-in to vending machine at Newbergs Auto on Hwy 70W. 25.00 in change stolen.
  A break-in reported Frazier's Garage Hwy 70W a/ Frazier Rd.
Officer checking business at night 02/11/08 discovered  break in 10.00 in currency stolen.
  Damage to property Creekwood Dr. off Whitfield Rd. Owner reported driveway entrance gate damaged.
Damage to 2-  mailboxes on Preston Loop Rd. off West Ten Rd.
  Stolen vehicle 1010 Lakeview Dr. off Eno Cemetary Rd. off Carr Store Rd. 2001 Ford Explorer truck silver in color N.C. tag XPP-2274. Value 10,000.00
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle 1601 Phoebe Dr. off Hwy 86S. between Old N.C. #10 a/ New Hope Ch.Rd. Pioneer (brand) AM/FM CD player stolen. Value 300.00
02/14/08 to 02/15/08 A break-in to locked vehicle 1411 Indian Camp Rd. off Old Greensboro Hwy.
Items stolen-Sony (brand) walkman cassette player,black leather purse,a/ sunglasses.
  A break-in to residence 5527 Ponderosa Dr. off Old N.C.#10 east of Murphy Sch. Rd.
Items stolen- Hewlett Packard computer a/ monitor. Samsung digital camera.  Value-1,100.00
  A break-in to residence 2100 Hwy 86N. north of Coleman Loop Rd. Item stolen- 700.00 in coins
02/15/08 to 02/17/08 A break-in to residence on 02/15/08 reported at 7:30pm. 1204 Salem Ln. off Old Greensboro Hwy. between Jones Ferry Rd. a/ Hatch Rd. Citizen from Stoneybrook subdivision across from Salem Ln. called Fri. 02/15/08 appro 1:00pm. reported a Chevy SUV red in color parked in Stoneybrook w/ a white flag a/ saw a black male walking from the vehicle possible suspect. Officers checked area, vehicle had left prior to arrival.
Items stolen-Mac book white in color,150.00 cash, Fossil(brand)wallet,Visa gift card,Urban Outfitters gift card, a/ South Point Mall gift card. Value 1,863.00
  A break-in to 2 unlocked vehicles reported 02/16/08 2:45pm. 2613 Overland Passage off Dodsons Crossroad between Hwy 54 W.a/ Dairyland Rd Items stolen- Multi color change purse a/ change. Value 50.00
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle 2502 Overland Passage reported 02/16/08 12:15pm. Items stolen- brief case a/ pocketbook, items were located in woods across from victims residence.
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle 2824 Gait Way off Dodsons Crossroads across from Overland Passage reported 02/16/08
Items stolen- Brown leather wallet,100.00 cash, BP credit card, a/ Master Card. Value 120.00
  Vandalism to vehicle 8822 Laurel Springs Dr. off Dairy land Rd. between Old N.C. 86 a/ Union Grove Ch. Rd. reported on 02/16/08 Vehicle was damaged overnight w/ eggs.
  Larceny Star Point Quickie Mart 15-501S. a/ Smith Level Rd. Suspects took items from store reported 02/16/08 Description- Two white males operating a dark green Honda 4 dr.
  Breakin to unlocked vehicle 501 Faucette Mill Rd. off Hwy 70W. reported 02/17/08 2:40pm.
Suspect(s) attempted to steal battery from vehicle, occurred overnight.
02/18/08 to 02/19/08 A break in to 2  unlocked vehicles Oakley's Automotive 4721 Schley Rd. between Hwy57N. and  New Sharon Ch. Rd.
Items stolen- 1-  Alpine CD player cassette stereo. Value 300.00 a/ unknown brand CD player Stereo. Value 300.00


A break in to residence 401 Hepowil Pl. in St. Mary's Woods off St. Mary's Rd. between Pleasant Green Rd. and Terry Rd.


Items stolen-Antique safe black in color approx 3' tall, Sony 27" T.V. black in color,  Olympus(brand) digital camera a/ jewelry. Value 2,710.00
  Larceny 600 Victoria Dr. off Orange High School Rd. near Miller Rd. reported 02/18/08 at 11:00 am. $ 2,045.00 worth of jewelry stolen.
  A break in to unlocked vehicle 2333 Lonnie Cir Joppa Oaks off Hwy 86 south of Walmart. Items stolen- brown leather wallet a/ cash. Value 105.00
02/23/08 to 02/24/08 A break-in to locked vehicle Heritage Hill Apts. off Orange Grove Rd. reported 02/24/08 5:19pm. Items stolen- Pioneer CD player, Satelite radio, a/ Motorola cell phone. Value 400.00
  Larency from shop 4600 Orange Grove Rd. south of Davis Rd. reported 02/23/08 9:04am Item stolen- 100 ft. of welding leads. Value 300.00
  A break-in to residence a/ locked vehicle 511 West Hill Ave. between Latimer St. a/ Hwy 70W. reported 02/23/08 9:06am.
Items stolen- 100.00 currency a/ Craftsman tool box assorted tools from residence.
   2- Vosnik  (brand) 12" speakers from vehicle.
  Larceny 4601 Hwy 70W. west of Efland Cedar Grove Rd. reported on 02/23/08 7:52am. Stolen-9 months old  German Shepherd dog black a/ tan in color. Value 500.00
02/25/08 A break-in to unlocked vehicle 3108 Mel Oaks Trail off Jones Ferry between Damascus Ch. Rd. a/ Ferguson Rd. Item Stolen- 4.00 in currency.
  A break-in to residence 2401 Wade Hampton Rd. off Hwy 86 S. south of Walmart reported 02/25/08 4:50pm. Owner reported suspect broke in residence nothing stolen, possibly former tenant.
  A break-in to storage shed 1523 St. Marys Rd. off Hwy 70E. reported 02/25/08 1:42pm. Items stolen- set of oak chest draws. Value 200.00
  A break-in to residence a/ locked vehicle 3727 Brockwell Rd. between Murphy Sch.Rd. a/ University Station Rd.  reported 02/25/08 9:46pm.
Items stolen- 357 cal. revolver,38 cal. revolver,32 cal. revolver, Karaoke machine, 50.00 old coins, a/ 10K   gold  ring. Value 1,125.00
  A break-in to vehicle Brown's Bro  Body Shop on Erwin Rd. reported 02/25/08 10:12am. Items stolen-2- 12'  Phonix Gold (brand) woofers, a/  Phonix Gold 500 w. amp. Value 900.00
  Vandalism to vehicle High Rock Rd. between Lebanon Rd. a/ Mill Creek Rd. reported 02/25/08 9:32pm.
Complainant reported they were transporting a Cadillac, suspects in a 90's dark color Honda  fired shots at the  Cadillac damaging the windows.
02/27/08 A break-in to residence 3923 Old N.C. 86 between I-40 a/ Davis Rd. reported 02/27/08 8:58pm Items stolen- jewelry,passports,10 credit cards. Jennings (brand) 9mm handgun, Marlin (brand) 30/30  rifle, computer monitor flat screen, IBM laptop. Paslode (brand) framing a/ finishing gun.5 war bonds. Value 13,000.00
  A break-in to unlocked vehicle 3105 Mel Oaks Dr. off Jones Ferry Rd. west of Damascus Ch.Rd. reported 02/27/08 10:20am. Item stolen- Personal checkbook. Value 10.00
  Attempted Break in 8908 Laurel Springs Dr. off Dairyland Rd. between Union Grove Ch. Rd. a/ Old N.C. 86 reported 02/26/08 10:41 pm. Officers responded to a alarm at residence, officers discovered
damage to back door. Homeowner arrived no entry was gained
A break-in to  storage building 530 Groucho Rd. off Hwy 70E. east of Mt. Herman Ch. Rd. reported   02/27/08 7:09 pm.
Items stolen-Roper (brand) washer a/ dryer, assorted Beanie babies, a/ collectable comic books. Value 3,600.00
02/28/08 A break-in to residence 3211 University Station Rd. between 70E.a/ Old N.C.#10
 reported 02/28/08 4:00pm.
Items stolen- Apple MAC book laptop,19" flat screen Plasma T.V. First Act (brand) electric
 guitar a/ amp a/ Canon digital video camera. Value 2,380.00
  Larceny 802 Miller Rd. off Hwy 70E. west of St. Mary's Rd. reported 02/28/08 8:00am
 Item stolen- Generac (brand) portable generator red in color. Value 400.00
  A break in to residence 3211 University Station Rd. between 70E.a/ Old N.C.#10
Items stolen- Apple MAC book laptop,19" flat screen Plasma T.V. First Act (brand) electric
 guitar a/ amp a/ Canon digital video camera. Value 2,380.00
  Attempted break in to business Mace Sports on Industrial Dr. reported 02/28/08 10:05am Front glass broken out, no entry gained.
Carrboro Police Dept had a Armed Robbery to business on Thurs. night in Willow Creek Shopping Center off Jones Ferry Rd.
Suspects 2 white males w/ bandanas over their faces armed w/ hand-
  guns, suspects were driving a Jeep Cherokee black in color w/ a paper license tags. Suspects left west on Jones Ferry Rd. toward Chatham Co.
Chatham Co. reported Armed Robbery to a business today approx 12:00pm involving the same suspects a/ same vehicle.
02/29/08 Robbery from person 909 Oakdale Dr. between Orange Grove Rd.a/ Old N.C. #86S. reported 02/29/08 10:17pm.
Victim reported he was robbed by 3 black males at gun point as the victim got out of their vehicle suspects were driving a compact vehicle. Items stolen- wallet a/ cell phone.


Please note that some incidents that are reported to our agency, the victim may have signed a waiver for the incident
not to be released to the media and the public. Therefore those incidents are not listed on this website.
The Sheriff's Office provides its
citizens reports on what is happening in the community.  Please call the Orange County Sheriff's Office, at 644-3050 or 942-6300, during regular office hours, 8 AM until 5PM, every weekday if you have any questions.