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2008 Crime Report





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  JULY 2008

07/03/08 thru 07/06/08 Break in to unlocked residence reported 07/06/08 10:40pm. 2727 Tendril Lane off Carl Durham Rd. between Hwy 54W. a/ Old Greensboro Hwy. Items stolen- 1 Panasonic 32” flat screen T.V. , unknown brand 27” flat screen T.V. X-Box, a/ Dell laptop computer. Value- 2,150.00
  Larceny from residence reported 07/03/08 8:08pm. 8715 Dodsons Crossroads between Dairyland Rd. a/ Hwy 54W.

Items stolen from outside of residence- 2’x2’ black wrought iron table a/ 2 chairs, 2 teak wood folding chairs w/ green cushions, 1-coffee table green in color, Goodman (brand) 3 ton Heat pump. Value- 5,085.00

  Break in to locked residence reported 07/04/08 5:33pm. 2124 Doar Rd. off Alexander Dr. off Hwy 86S. between Mt. Sinai Rd. a/ Whitfield Rd. Items stolen- Nano (brand) I-Pod a/ Sony DVD player. Value- 229.00
  Break in to locked storage shed reported 07/06/08 8:30am. 3804 Whitfield Rd. between Hwy 86S. a/ Erwin Rd. Items stolen- Echo (brand) back pack leaf blower, Makita (brand) rotary hammer drill, 12v. rechargeable battries,socket set a/ saw blades. Value- 1,370.00
  Larceny reported 07/03/08 9:08am. 2511 Wade Hampton Rd. in Wildwood Subdivision off Hwy 86S. south of Walmart. tem stolen from yard. Magna 15 speed girls bike purple in color. Value- 100.00
  Stolen vehicle reported 07/04/08 9:30 am. 1616 Coleman Loop Rd. off Hwy 86N. Keys left in vehicle 1990 Toyota Corolla 4 dr. white in color N.C. tag XTJ-8031. Value- 5,000.00
  Larceny from construction site reported 07/03/08 11:43am. 200 Gov. Burke Rd. between Hwy 86N. a/ Hwy 57N. Item stolen- 100ft. Romex (brand) copper wire. Value- 100.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 07/03/08 9:13pm. 1000 Timbers Dr. off Orange Grove Rd. north of I-40. Item stolen- 50.00 currency.
  Larceny from unlocked vehicle reported 07/06/08 11:00am Food Lion Churton Grove off Hwy 70E.a/ St. Mary’s Rd.

Items stolen- black wallet containing 40.00 currency, SunTrust credit card, Circuit City credit card, social security card a/ driver’s lic. Value- 63.00

  Break in damage to property reported 07/04/08 5:16 pm. 1211 Squires Rd. off West Ten Rd.

Suspect(s) damaged 3 window screens,4 glass windows, a/ 1 metal screen door, nothing stolen  Value- 800.00

07/07/08 and 07/08/08 Break in to garage reported 07/07/08 9:58am 215 Wild Turkey Trail off Old Greensboro Hwy. Items stolen- 2 30”x60” plastic folding tables a/ Stihl chainsaw. Value- 500.00
  Larceny from 3- vehicles reported 07/08/08 0856am. from business Ragan’s Garage corner of Homestead Rd. a/ Old Hwy 86S. Items stolen- 3 catalytic converters cut out from vehicles. Value- 150.00 a piece.
  Larceny from residence reported 07/08/08 7:18 pm. 8619 High Rock Rd. off Lebanon Rd. Items stolen from victims front porch- 3 General (brand) 285/50 R20 tires. Value- 400.00
07/09/08 Suspicious vehicle- reported in the White Cross Area off Hwy 54 W. and off Morrow Mill Rd. off Hwy 54W. We received numerous calls reference a older model grey in color possibly Oldsmobile w/ rear end damage occupied by a white male late teens early 20’s going door to door claiming to be selling educational books for children. Citizens reported subject was giving conflicting stories why he was the area.
  Suspicious vehicle- Citizen reported vehicle parked at their neighbors residence early morning hrs. approx 4:30am on Sylvan Way off Rogers Rd. between Homestead Rd. a/ Eubanks. Citizen reported neighbors were out town description: white Lincoln Continental occupied  by a black male. Officer checked residence vehicle was gone a/ residence secure.
  Break in to unlocked vehicle reported 07/09/08 11:51am. 4205 Peelers Creek Rd. off Ferguson between Old Greensboro Hwy a/ Jones Ferry Rd. Items stolen- I-Pod, grey Landsend(brand) backpack, men’s wallet, State Employees debit card. Value- 390.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 07/09/08 5:30pm. 2314 White Cross Rd. between Old Greensboro Hwy a/ Hwy 54W. 2- 12 gauge pump shotgun, 30 cal. M-1 carbine, Ted Williams (brand) 22 cal. Semi-auto rifle, DVD player. Value- 2,220.00
  Break in to unlocked vehicle reported 07/09/08 6:53pm. 3325 Jones Ferry Rd. south of Old Greensboro Hwy. Items stolen- Apple (brand) I-Pod, tri-fold men’s wallet. Value- 270.00
  Larceny from residence reported 07/09/08 6:30pm. 5813 Hwy 70 between I-85 and Hwy 751. Items stolen from outside of residence- 10 aluminum storm doors. Value- 1,100.00
07/10/08 Break in to locked residence reported 07/10/08 5:12pm.#18 Mafolie Ct. in the Sedgefield subdivision off Whitfield Rd.

Items stolen- Kodak C743 digital camera, Canon A520 digital camera, Sony DSC-W55 digital camera, 1957 Mickey  Mantle baseball card collection, container of rare coins, 60 dollars gold one dollar coins, 70.00 change a/ Verizon cell phone. Value- 1,656.00.

  Break in to construction site reported 07/10/08 12:07pm. 301 Woodlawn Dr. off Scotswood Blvd. off Hwy 70E. Item stolen- G.E. (brand) stainless steel dishwasher GLD 4560. Value- 300.00
  Suspicious Person reported 07/10/08 12:34pm. 639 Churton Grove Blvd off St. Mary’s Rd.

Citizen reported a black or Hispanic male juvenile standing in their back yard, when subject saw citizen he ran in the woods. Officers checked area, unable to locate.

07/11/08 through 07/14/08 Break in to locked residence reported 07/14/08 753 Smith Level Rd. Occurred between noon a/ 3:00 pm. check book stolen.
  Larceny from business reported 07/11/08 at night UPS on Eubanks Rd. Employees reported 4 subjects loading boxes from loading dock into a SUV
Truck driver blocked vehicle in until officers arrived. All 4 suspects were arrested.
  Break in to locked vehicle reported 07/14/08 approx 11:00am on Whitfield Rd. entrance to Duke Forest Witness reported seeing a large black male breaking into vehicle, suspect left in a Chrysler or Dodge burgundy in color. Duke University Police responded
  Larceny from construction site reported 07/12/08 12:14pm. Churton Grove Subdivision Item stolen- 5 cable module boxes. Value- 3,500.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 07/13/08 2:13 am. 2423 Lonnie Cir in Joppa Oaks 24” gold rope chain 1- 16”,18”a/ 20” ˝ wide gold chain. Coin collector set Franklin Mint from 1963 to 1983. 3- diamond ladies rings. Husky (brand) 6’ fiber glass ladder a/ Homelite (brand) hedge trimmer. Value- 9,050.00
  Break in to locked garage reported 07/12/08 12:33 pm. 514 Hurdle Mills Rd. off Hwy 86N. Item stolen- air compressor. Value- 150.00
  Break in to locked shed reported 07/11/08 314 Richmond Rd. off Hwy 70W. Item stolen – Quad Four Wheeler. Officer from our agency located suspects
w/ 4 wheelers, suspects were arrested a/ charged.
  Larceny from residence reported 07/13/08 11:27 am. 7106 Hebron Ch. Rd. off West Ten Rd. Item stolen- Honda Recon 4 Wheeler 250cc green in color w/ gun rack on front. Value- 3,500.00
07/15/08 to 07/16/08 Break in to locked residence reported 07/15/08 5:01pm. 7018 Old 86 north of Eubanks Rd. Suspect(s) damaged front door and broke front window of residence, nothing reported stolen.

Break in reported to locked residence 07/15/08 12:06pm. 1714 Jo Mac Rd. off Bethel Hickory Church Rd. between Dairyland Rd. a/ Hwy 54W


Suspect(s) damaged front door, nothing reported
  Damaged to vehicle reported 07/16/08 615 Yorktown Dr. off Smith Level Rd.

Officer from our agency found vehicle 1994 626 Mazda green in color back window     had been broken out.


  Weigh Station I-85 a/ I-40 80 gallons of Diesel fuel stolen. Value- 388.00
07/18/08 thru 07/20/08 Break in reported 07/18/08 4:00 pm 1517-B Tripp Rd. off Old Greensboro Hwy. east of White Cross Rd. Items stolen- black charger for computer, a/ FM tune cast transmitter. Value- 140.00
  Break in reported 07/18/08 8:13pm. 5715 Old Greensboro Hwy. east of Collins Mtn. Rd. Damaged to sliding glass doors, nothing reported stolen. Value of damage- 200.00
  Larceny of disabled vehicle reported 07/18/08 5:49pm. 403 Eubanks Rd. between Old 86S. a/ Hwy 86S. 1940’s milk truck stolen from victims property. Value- 2,000.00
  Break in to storage shed reported 07/19/08 4:47pm. 454 Erwin Rd. south of Mt. Moriah Rd.

Items stolen- Ryobi (brand) weed eater a/ back pack blower, Stihl (brand) leaf blower, Home Lite chain saw, Habor Freight (brand) portable air compressor a/ large compressor. Value- 1,000.00

  Break in reported 07/20/08 12:36pm. 3401 Alice St. off Hwy 86S north of New Hope Ch. Rd. Item stolen- 1- bottle of Oxycodone  medication. Value- 120.00
  Break in reported 6900- 24 Mt. Herman Ch. Rd. between Old N.C.#10 a/ Hwy 70E. Items stolen- Ladies a/ Mens jewelry yellow gold necklace, a/ earrings. Value- 4,420.00
07/21/08 and 07/22/08 Break in reported 07/21/08 7:17am to locked storage shed 1815 Lawrence Rd. off Hwy 70E. Items stolen- 2- Echo (brand) backpack leaf blowers, a/ 2- Stihl (brand) weed eaters. Value- 1,480.00
  Break in reported 07/22/08 4:19pm. to unlocked residence 1608 Ben Johnson Rd. west of Dimmocks Mill Rd. Items stolen- old silver dollars, women’s yellow gold necklace w/ 3 diamonds, a/ Chase credit card. Value- 163.00
  2 Larcenies from persons reported 07/21/08 11:09 pm. Orange High School on Orange High Sch. Rd. Items stolen- Visa credit card, 50.00 cash, 20.00 Wal-mart gift card, Nano (brand) IPod, LG cell phone. Value- 1,160.00
  Larceny from business reported 07/21/08 8:49am. 5412Hwy 70 Westside Services east of Pleasant Green Rd.

Items stolen- Genisys (brand) Automotive Diagnostic Machine for inspecting vehicles, N.C. inspection stickers - #TN461972 thru TN461974 ,a/ Stihl 24” chainsaw. Value- 4,907.00

  Break in reported 07/22/08 6:10pm. to unlocked residence 1200 Bushy Cook Rd. between West Ten Rd. a/ Buckhorn Rd. Items stolen- sterling silver necklace a/ yellow gold necklace w/ diamonds. Value- 195.00
  Break in reported 07/22/08 9:51pm. to locked residence 8016 Hebron Ch. Rd. off West Ten Rd.

Items stolen- Craftsman tool set a/ saw all, Yardman (brand) weed eater, personal checks from SunTrust bank, a/ yellow gold earrings w/ name Amy engraved on Them. Value- 863.00

07/24/08 thru 07/27/08 Break in to locked residence reported on 07/25/08 1:53pm. 120 Stoneridge Dr. off Turkey Farm Rd.

Officers responded to an alarm at this location, garage door had force open, nothing reported stolen.  Neighbor reported seeing 3 black males running from residence operating a Jeep Cherokee green in color.

  Break in to construction site reported on 07/26/08 8:30am. 1601 Eubanks Rd. new Animal Shelter. Items stolen- Coleman (brand) 500 watt generator, PVC pipe heater, a/ jack tamp. Value- 6,450.00
  Larceny from construction site reported 07/26/08 7:40pm. #6 South Park Dr. off 15-501 south. Items stolen- Wagner (brand) paint sprayer, Hauger- Was (brand) air compressor, Craftsman tools. Value- 2,195.00
  Damage to vehicle reported 07/26/08 #7  Dogwood Acres off 15-501 south Victims reported passenger side window broken out over night.
  Illegal Dumping reported on 07/26/08 on Orchard Lane. Off Jones Ferry Rd.

Citizen reported green pickup N.C. LXN-4127 dumping lumber a/ concrete at dead end of road. Vehicle came back to Fitch Lumber Co. in Carrboro, owner was contacted to clean up.

  Break in to locked garage a/ basement reported 07/27/08 10:45am. 5839 Wilkins Dr. off Mt. Sinai Rd.

Items stolen- Stihl (brand) chainsaw, weed eater, a/ backpack blower. Echo (brand) chain saw, Shindawa   (brand) weed eater, a/ 5 gals of gas. Value- 2,720.00.

  Break in to locked storage shed reported 07/27/08 10:45am. 5841 Wilkins Dr. Items stolen-2 Stihl chain saws, Blata (brand) pocket bike,a/ 2- 12” kicker speakers. Value- 2,850.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 07/25/08 5:19pm. 686 Erwin Rd. between Pickett Rd. a/ Whitfield Rd. Items stolen- Macintosh I- book laptop a/ digital camera. Value- 550.00
  Vandalism to vehicles reported 07/25/08 – 11 vehicles on Bartlett Cir off Scotswood Blvd behind Food Lion

 1- vehicle 206 S. English Hill Dr. off Gwen Rd. off Hwy 70E. 1- vehicle 501 Governor Dr. off Orange High Sch. Rd.  1- vehicle 501 Silver Fox Trail off Orange High Sch. Rd. All vehicles were damaged over night with eggs.

  Break in to locked residence reported 07/24/08 9339 Sawyer Rd. off Hwy 57N. north of New Sharon Ch. Rd. Items stolen- Dell laptop a/ Bushnell binoculars. Value- 2,200.00
  Break in to work shop reported 07/24/08 3:39pm. 601 Hurdle Mills Rd. off Hwy 86N. Items stolen- Echo weed eater, a/ Husqvarnia  chain saw . Value- 528.00
07/28/08 and 07/29/08 Break in to locked residence reported 07/29/08 1:08pm. 1205 Old Lystra Rd. off Mt. Carmel Ch. Rd. Glass broken out of rear sliding glass door ,nothing reported stolen. Damage value- 200.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 07/29/08 6:40pm. 9022 Dodsons Crossroads between Hwy 54W. a/ Dairyland Rd.

Items stolen- Samsung 42” T.V .a/ DVD player, Nintendo Wii game player, Apple computer, a/ time machine harddrive,      Apple Mac book. Value- 6,800.00

  Break in to locked residence reported 07/29/08 6:43pm. 4308 Dairyland Rd. west of Dodsons Crossroads. Items stolen- Apple I-Pod, a/ speaker Smith & Wesson 357 revolver Model #66 serial # CEP4460. Value- 500.00
  Break in to unlocked vehicle reported 07/28/08 7:48pm. 3200 Old Greensboro Hwy west of Ferguson Rd. Victim reported 9mm Rugar (brand) semi-auto handgun  w/ nylon hoister stolen from vehicle on 07/26/08. Value- 550.00
  Break in a/ damage to locked residence reported 047/28/08 11:48am. 2928 University Station Rd. between Hwy 70E. a/ Old N.C.#10 Damage to exterior window, interior walls a, mirror. Damage value- 245.00
  Larceny from backyard of residence reported 07/28/08 7:00am. 6811 West Ten Rd. west of Buckhorn Rd. Items stolen- pig cooker a/ go cart. Value- 5,000.00
07/30/08 and 07/31/08 Break in reported 07/31/08 12:25pm. 3900 Lt#11 Dairyland Rd. east of Dodsons Crossroads. Item stolen- Scoop LG (brand) cell phone a/ charger. Value-213.00
  Break in to locked construction trailer reported 07/30/08 9:11am. 2606 Meachum Rd. off Damascus Ch. Rd. Items stolen- 3- Hitachi (brand) air framing nailers,3- DeWalt 9 v. drills,2- Kobalt (brand) air compressors. Value- 3,000.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 07/31/08 8:48 am. 2111 apt #C-2 Orange Grove Rd. Nothing reported stolen-  window damage. Value-100.00
  Break in to unlocked vehicle reported 07/30/08 2:46pm. 1928 Hwy 70E. west of Lawrence Rd. Items stolen- Sony CD player a/ Sam’s membership card. Value- 225.00
  Break in to unlocked residence reported 07/30/08 6:00pm. 927 Spruce Pine Trail off N.C. #10 east of Murphy Sch. Rd. Item stolen- IBM Think Pad model R-32. Value- 2,236.00


Please note that some incidents that are reported to our agency, the victim may have signed a waiver for the incident
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