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2010 Crime Reports


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JULY 2009


Break in to Locked residence reported 07-01-09, 4400 Little River Ch. Rd .

Victim found front door kicked in, nothing missing.


Break in to unlocked Church reported on 07-01-09 at 6;34 pm Abundant Life Church , 512 U.S. 70 E.

4 Sanyo Flat screen TV’s Play station, WII game, stolen. Value -$1,010.00

07/02/09 thru 07/07/09

Break in to unlocked residence reported on 07/03/09 7:10 pm. 8232 Morrow Mill Rd .

Apple Mac Book ser# W885011Bk1B5 Miscellaneous homemade jewelry, Business Card Collection stolen. Value: -$1,800.00



Break in to locked residence reported on 07-03-09 1:00 pm. 8220 Morrow Mill Rd.

12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun, two .22 cal. rifles and one 30.06 rifle and one .38 cal revolver was stolen. All were of unknown brands Value $2,200



Break in to locked shed reported 07/03/09 6:38 pm. 9419 Morrow Mill Rd.

De Walt saws all, Husqvarnia chain saw, power drill a/ portable jump box stolen. Value- $909.00


Break in to locked business reported 07/07/09 5:15 am. White Cross BP Hwy 54W. a/ White Cross Rd.

Business was founded broken into by newspaper employee. Security safe, $600.00 in loose change a/ 9mm handgun stolen. Value- $1000.00



Break in to locked business reported 07/07/09 3:34 am Food Lion Churton Grove Center St. Mary’s Rd a/ Hwy 70E.

Undetermined amount of cigarettes stolen.


Break in to locked residence reported 07/06/09 4:17 pm. 1209 Terry Rd. off St. Mary’s Rd.

Unknown brand 22 cal. handgun stolen. Value- $200.00


Break in to unlocked reported 07/04/09 11:39 am. 4011 Lebanon Rd. off Efland Cedar Grove Rd.

Phillips portable DVD player, 7- DVD’s, assorted jewelry stolen. Value- $1,125.00


Break in to locked residence reported 07/06/09 3:45 pm. 3210 Lebanon Rd.

Winchester .270 bolt action rifle, Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun, Marlin 22 rifle, NIte Lite coon hunting light, a/ other numerous firearms, a/ Women’s assorted jewelry stolen. Value- $14,910.00



Break in to locked business reported 07/06/09 11:23 pm. Huey’s Seafood 7601 Hwy 70W

Front a/ rear door kicked in, nothing reported missing.

07/07/09 thru 07/08/09

Break in to locked Business reported on 07-08-09 2:16 am. Calvander Food Mart corner of Dairyland Rd. and Old 86 S.Note: White male suspect was arrested and charged with this crime along with three other business break in’s reported on 07-07-09


Cash register tray, assorted currency and cigarettes stolen. Value $113.43


Damage to mailbox reported on 07-07-09 at 11:08 pm. 510 Hatch Rd. 27516



Break in to locked residence reported 07-08-09 3811 Jones Ferry Rd 27516

door and lock was damaged, nothing reported stolen


Vandalism reported 07-07-09 10:27 pm. 109 Mimosa Dr. 27514

Victim reported living room window broken out


Vandalism reported 07-07-09 12:51 am. 111 Mimosa Dr. 27514  


Victim reported that the rear window of 2004 Subaru Forrester had been broken out


Break in to unlocked vehicle reported 07-07-09 4:49 pm. Eno Mountain Rd. off Orange Grove Rd.27278



Pocket book was stolen from unattended vehicle. along with a diamond ring


Breakin to unlocked garage reported 07-07-09, 100 Hwy 70 W.5:31 pm. 27278



$2,200,00 worth of car parts stolen from garage


Larceny of license tag reported stolen 07-08-09 7:32 pm. 1210 Jasper Lane ,27278

Tag # NC. YNY-933


Damage to mail boxes reported 07-08-09 304,312,408,504 Lipscomb Grove Ch. Rd. and 6200,6203, 6210 Redwine Rd. Off Lipscomb Grove Ch. Rd.


Mailbox Damage


Break in to locked residence reported 07-08-09 1:14 PM. 2032 NC. 86 S. 27278

Window seal and screen damaged. Nothing reported stolen

07/10/09 thru 07/12/09

Larceny reported 07-11-09 11:00 pm. Orange Chapel Clover Garden Methodist Church on Orange Chapel Clover Garden Ch. Rd.27516

Carrier brand 1.5 ton central air conditioner unit reported stolen. Serial # 2892E18320 Model #38TKB048300 Value $5,000.00


Break in to unlocked residence reported 07-11-09 11.07 am 218 Whirlaway Lane , off Dairyland Rd. 27516

Several pieces of handmade jewelry, two DVD’s, White Apple Mac computer Laptop, Black IBM Think Pad Computer, White Acer Notebook Computer

     Laptop Model ZG-5. Value -103,770.00. ** NOTE: Home owner was out of country for three weeks, residence was occupied by house sitter.



Break in to unlocked residence reported 07-12-09 9:20 pm. 1419 Ford rd. Lt F-17 off Old Greensboro Hwy. 27516

Walthers (brand) Black .380 semi auto pistol stolen. Value 800.00


Larceny from outside of residence reported 07-10-09 10.34 am. 105 King Charles St. off West Hill Ave. 27278

Scotts (brand) 42 in. cut riding mower, 4-black steel 16” 8 lug rims with tires, 4- aluminum, 5 spoke Jeep rims w/ tires stolen

      Value 850.00



Larceny from outside of residence reported 17-10-09 5:33 pm. 5521 Alton Ct. off Frazier rd. 27302

Baja (brand) white and red ATV 4 wheeler, . Baja (brand) red dirt bike, stolen. Value 1400 00

07/13/09 thru 07/16/09

Larceny from unlocked barn  reported 07-16-09. 7300 NC 157 N. 27572

Huskey Air Compressor and Turkey Blind stolen Value, $450.00


Larceny from outside of business (Major Power) reported 07-13-09, 7011 Industrial Dr. 27302

4 Goodman Brand heat Pumps stolen, Value $15,000.00


Break in to locked residence reported 07-16-09 1308 Sundown Dr.27302

1 GPS, 1 CD, stolen, Value $161.00


Break in to locked residence reported 07-13-09, 5317 High Rock Rd ,27243

1 Sony Camcorder, 1 Playstation, numerous jewelry items, , 12 Ga. semi-auto shotgun, 20 Ga. .Remington 870 shotgun,    SKS rifle, .380 cal. Davis Arms pistol, 30-30 Marlin Rifle, 20 Ga. Semi-auto Ithica shotgun, .308 cal Winchester rifle  w scope,   Davis and Davis pump pellet gun, 36” Polaroid Plasma T.V., Qualcomm 3G CDMA cell phone, Toshiba Satellite Laptop stolen Value $7,580.00



Larceny from unlocked building reported 047-13-09 3414 Riggsbee Rd , 27514 off University station Rd.

1 Hustler brand Zero Turn Mower 60’ deck, W/Bagger stolen, Value $9,300.00   

7/17/09 thru 7/19/09

Break in to a locked residence reported 07-17-09 904 Hwy 54 W.27516

House was ransacked but nothing stolen


Break in to unlocked vehicle reported 07-18-09, 2522 Laine Rd.27516

Portable Music Player and adaptor stolen, Value $100.00


Damage to Mailbox reported 07-19-09, 3816 Arthur Minnis Rd. 27278

Mailbox Damage


Larceny of ATV reported 07-17-09 5424 Chestnut Ridge Ch. Rd.27243

Yamaha Wolverine ATV.350cc, w/green fenders and brown seat stolen value $5,000.00


Larceny of License Plate reported 07-19-09 1320 Sundown Dr  27302

NC Tag# YPL-4854

07/19/09 thru 07/21/09

Damage to Property reported 07-20-09, 4:52 pm.2404 Mt Sinai Rd.27514

Victim reported that around 4: am someone set off some type of explosive device in his mailbox


Break in to locked residence reported 07-20-09 11:35 pm. 4018 Summer Lane, 27278

Victim reported someone forced open basement door, nothing missing


Break in to unlocked storage building reported 07-21-09, occurred over night, 2013 Jefferson Dr off Lawrence Rd. ,27278

Echo leaf blower, Echo hedge trimmer, Dewalt Miter saw and a case of motor oil stolen. NOTE: White male suspect arrested and charged.



Larceny reported 07-20-09 12;22 pm 500 Buckhorn Rd , 27302

1980 Chevrolet truck bed trailer and NC License tag # BS-10178 stolen, Value $933.00


Break in and damage to locked vehicle reported 07-20-09 06:45 am, 4800 US 70 E. Duke Power Substation 27705

STIHL 046 Chainsaw w/28” bar, HUSQVARNA 346 Chainsaw w/ 18 “ bar, HUSQVARNA Chainsaw w/ 36” bar, STHL hand held leaf blower Stolen. Value $2,000.00


07/22/09 thru 07/23/09 Break in to locked shed reported 07-23-09 4:16 pm 2316 Howard Orange Grove Rd.  27278 Wood Router and numerous concrete finishing tools stolen. Value $810.00
Larceny of Riding Mowers reported 07-22-09 2:29 pm. 2942 Canter Dr. off New Sharron Rd. 27278 Murray Select-Twin 21” cut, black in color ser# 000165A, John Deere 345, 54” Mower stolen value $7,300.00
Break in to locked residence reported 07-23-09 6:05 pm. 1200 Bushy Cook Rd , 27243 Assorted coins, silver in color whistle ,silver in color anchor with rope necklace charm. Value 160.00
Break in to locked residence reported 07-22-09 2:58 pm. 1609 Jones Ferry Rd. 27516

AKIA 38 in flat screen TV. Black DELL Laptop Computer, 4 ft dark brown Jewelry Armour w/ assorted jewelry items stolen  Value $3,500.00


NOTE: On 07-18-2009 10:00 am. at 3900 Efland Cedar Grove Rd. Owner of Cedar Grove Farms reported that a Holstein dairy cow had been shot and killed.

Upon further investigation by a veterinarian, it was determined that the bullet was from a .270 Rifle. There was also another cow shot and killed about  a year ago at the same location. Anyone with information about this crime, please contact investigator Greg Strowd at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.


07/24/09-thru 07/26/09 Break in to locked residence reported 07-24-09, 7:46 pm, 294 Azalea Dr off Bayberry Dr. 27517 STIHL Leaf Blower Ser# 26511592 and STIHL 18” Chainsaw Ser# 210794062 stolen, value $615.00
Break in to locked residence reported 07-24-09, 2:40 pm, 104 Carolina Forrest Rd .off Jones Ferry Rd. 27516

42” VIZO Brand LCD Flat Panel TV. Numerous Jewelry items and Jewelry Box, misc. Coin and paper currency Stolen, Value $7,600.00


Break in to locked residence reported 07-24-09, 5:33 pm. 4901 Mt. Moriah Rd off Erwin Rd. .27707 Brown, wooden Antique Clock, 2 glass antique vases and misc jewelry stolen. Value, $250.00
Break in to locked shop reported 07-25-09, 14:48 pm. 6131 New Sharon Ch. Rd. 27572 Someone cut door handle to shop. Nothing stolen.
07/27/09  thru 07/30/09 Break in to locked business, 07-28-09 occurred overnight, Caddy Shack on Mt. Herman Ch. Rd Nothing Missing
Break in to unlocked vehicle 07-28-09, 7:36 am.212 Climbing Aster Ct. 27302 off High Rock Rd. XM Satellite Radio stolen. Value $150.00
Break in to unlocked vehicle 07-28-09 10:11 pm. 5805 Lebanon Rd. 27302 HP Laptop Computer, Black Leather Laptop case stolen, Value $550.00
Break in to two unlocked vehicles 07-28-09 8:37 am, 1419 High Ridge Dr. 27302 off High Rock Rd NOKIA Cell phone and 24 pack of Gatorade stolen, value $100.00
Break in to locked residence 07-29-09, 10:33 pm. 714 Hatch Rd. off. Jones Ferry Rd 27516 SONY PLAYSTATION, 3 DUAL SCHOCK wireless controllers, numerous Playstation games stolen, Value, $844.92
Break in to unlocked vehicle 07-30-09, 11:17 am, 927 Old Greensboro Rd. 27516 Apple MacBook Laptop 13”Computer stolen. Value $2;000.00
7/31/09  Break in to locked residence reported 07-31-09 5:22pm. 3009 Mebane Oaks Rd. 27302

Smith and Wesson 36, 5 round revolver pistol, RG Industries .22 cal revolver, assorted jewelry and coins stolen, value, $860.00


Break in to unlocked residence reported 07-31-09, 4:20pm. 4927 Whitfield Rd. 27514 Numerous coins and currency, Value $590.00 stolen
Attempted Break in to locked residence reported 07-31-09 7:45 pm. 5802 Mt. Sinai Rd . 27705 Nothing stolen
Break in to locked construction trailer reported 07-31-09, 912 am. Songbird Dr. lot #15 off Little River Ch. Rd. 27541

Numerous power tools, hand tools , ladders, extension cords, several boxes of framing and finishing nails stolen, Value,$ 11,120.00 NOTE: Witness saw a green Dodge Dakota pickup truck occupied by two white males riding back and forth in the area the day before the incident





Please note that some incidents that are reported to our agency, the victim may have signed a waiver for the incident not to be released to the media and the public. Therefore those incidents are not listed on this website. The Sheriff's Office provides its citizens reports on what is happening in the community.  Please call the Orange County Sheriff's Office, at 644-3050 or 942-6300, during regular office hours, 8 AM until 5PM, every weekday if you have any questions.