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2008 Crime Report





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  JUNE 2008

06/03 thru 06/04/08 Break in to residence 914 Sesame Rd. off Old Greensboro Hwy between Neville Rd. a/ Hatch Rd.

Items stolen- Ladies yellow gold jewelry, 50.00 in quarters,a/ Pioneer (brand) AM/FM CD player.  Value- 590.00


Larceny from roadside on Old Legacy Lane off Smith Level Rd. south of Dogwood Acres  Owner of Lawn Care business called our agency stated he caught suspect loading one of his mowers on his truck.

Officers arrived a/ arrested suspect; Domenico Deleto white male address 1151 Smith Level Rd.

  Break in to residence 322 Odie St. off Faucette Mill Rd. off Hwy 70W.

Items stolen- 200.00 cash N.C. driver’s Lic. American bank card a/ SunTrust card value-220.00.

  Larceny of vehicle 1205-B old N.C. #10 off Hwy 86S. south of Walmart. 1988 Ford Areostar Van white in color N.C. tag PXZ-6024. Value- 2,000.00
  Break in to residence 2408 Bigelow Lane off Harmony Ch. Rd. off Efland Cedar Grove Rd.  Item stolen- Vizio (brand) 42” flat screen T.V. Pasedo (brand) Laptop,a/ 50.00 in coins.

Neighborhood Survey conducted, neighbor reported seeing a Grey Oldsmobile riding in the area earlier in the day. On Wed. officers received call reference same vehicle in the area. Officers responded a/ attempted stop vehicle, vehicle fled officer gave pursuit toward Chapel Hill. Vehicle wrecked at intersection of White Cross Rd. a/ Old Greensboro Hwy, Vehicle was occupied 5 subjects 2 black females a/ 3 black males. 2 black females a/ 1 black out of Durham were arrested. Officers chase 2 other black males through woods, but unable to locate.

  Larceny from unlocked vehicle 7327 Cummings Dr. off Saddle Club Rd. off Lebanon Rd.

Items stolen- Samsung cell phone,2 payroll check from Blue Ribbon a/ personal check. Value- 414.00


06/06/08 thru 06/08/08 Break in to residence 409 Moonridge Rd. off Jones Ferry Rd. west of Old Greensboro Rd.

Officers responded to an residential alarm, when officers arrived residence had been broken into.  Key holder responded advised homeowner was out of town, nothing reported stolen. Damage to storm door a/ exterior window. Value- 350.00

  Break in to residence 303 Homestead Rd. east of Old N.C. 86S. Items stolen- Apple IPOD  white in color. Value – 300.00
  Larceny 3434 Iva  Ada Dr. off Schley Rd. between St. Mary’s Rd. a/ New Sharon Ch. Rd. Item stolen- wrought iron plant stand w/ bamboo plant.
  Break in to residence 6900 Lt#30 Mt. Herman Ch. Rd. between Old N.C.#10 a/ Hwy 70E. Items stolen- Men’s 24” yellow gold necklace, a/ 650.00 cash.
  Break in to residence 6400 Hwy 57N. between Mary Hall Rd. a/ Little River Ch. Rd.

Items stolen-Blackberry cell phone,3 fly rod & reels, Hewlett Packard laptop, Men’s Clothing, Husqavarna chainsaw, Braun (brand) electric razor. Value-6,40.00

  Break in to residence 5120 Gray Rd. off Sawyer Rd. off Hwy 57N. Item stolen-Sentry (brand) safe grey in color containing 400.00 cash.
06/09/08 thru 06/11/08 Larceny of license tag stolen off victims vehicle 1715 15-501 S.
N.C. tag SRH-3076.
  Attempted Common Law Robbery 2111 Orange Grove Rd. north of Grady Brown School Rd. Victim reported on Wed. night when she was getting out her vehicle suspect approached her attempting to take her pocketbook after brief struggle victim screamed and suspect left in a vehicle described as a white Plymouth Neon 4 dr. suspect was a black male vehicle
was occupied by 2 other black males.
  Break in to business Hillsborough Plumbing Co 1020 Hwy 57N. north Hillsborough. Items stolen from unlocked vehicle- Dewalt angle, cordless stud drill a/ sawall. Value-936.62.
  Larceny from residence 6204 Schley Rd. between New Sharon Ch. Rd. a/ St. Mary’s Rd. Item stolen from victims yard- Murray push lawn mower. Value- 150.00
  Attempted Break in to residence 701 Bartlett Cir off Scotswood Hwy 70E. Victim reported screen on window had been cut and pry marks on window frame.
  Break in to residence 819 Lawrence Rd. between Palmers Grove Ch. Rd. a/ Hwy 70E. Items stolen- Phoenix (brand) golf clubs,2- Smith &Wesson 38 revolvers, 22 revolver snub nose Barrel unknown brand. Diamond cluster white gold ring w/ 8 stones, 10- assorted white gold rings, Yellow gold chain necklace w/ diamond charm, a/ medication. Value- 4,180.00
  Larceny from residence 3612 Carr Store Rd. between Hwy 86N. a/ Efland Cedar Grove Rd. Item stolen from carport- Craftsman mini tiller a/ cultivator red a/ black in color. Value- 250.00
  Larceny 417 Shambley Rd. off Hwy 70W. east of Buckhorn Rd. Items stolen from bed of truck- assorted mechanic hand tools, a/ craftsman tool box. Value-500.00
  Larceny from rental residence 1891 15-501 S. south of Dogwood Acres. Item stolen- air conditioner unit outside residence. Value- 2,500.00
  Break in to unlocked vehicle 529 Booth Rd. off 15-501S. near Chatham Co line. Items stolen- ladies purse containing 2- credit cards a/ 350.00 cash.
  Break in to residence 3029 Trice Atwater Rd. off Hwy 54W. west of Hatch Rd. Furniture, utensils, and 2 antique vehicles 1938 Chevrolet, 1940 Ford. Value- 4,090.00
  Larceny 219 Old Fayetteville Rd. between Hwy 54W. a/ Jones Ferry Rd. Item stolen – victim reported suspect(s) stole battery from work truck.
  Stolen vehicle 302 Odie St. off Faucette Mill Rd. off hwy 70W. 1998 Green Iszuzu Rodeo N.C. WXB-2326. Officer located vehicle at Food Lion on Scotswood Blvd. off Hwy 70 E. Suspect; Jason Isley white male was arrested also suspect was charged w/ possession of
cocaine a/ drug paraphernalia a/ child support.
06/13/08 thru 06/16/08 Break in to residence 1400 Old Lystra Rd. off Mt. Carmel Ch. Rd. off 15-501 S. Item stolen- LG (brand) LC7D 32” T.V. Value- 2,000.00
  Larceny license tag from disabled vehicle Whitfield Rd. a/ Hwy 86 S. N.C. VNP-6687 stolen from 1996 Jeep Cherokee
  Assist Chapel Hill P.D. reference robbery & assault on Eubanks Rd. near Park & Ride Victim reported he was robbed at gunpoint by two 2 white males driving a Chevy
S-10 pickup grey in color. Victim reported he was struck in his head w/ gun. Victim drove to Harris Teeter on M.L.K. Blvd. a/ called 911.
  Recovered stolen vehicle 715 Smith Level Rd. Citizen reported vehicle parked behind rental property. Vehicle 1996 Toyota Camry stolen out of Morrisville, N.C.  
  Break in to business Hillsborough Plumbing 1020 Hwy 57N. north of Hillsborough Suspect(s) damaged chain link fence. Items stolen from unlocked vehicle.
Milwaukee (brand) saw all, right angle drill a/ skill saw. Value- 525.00
  Break in to residence 417 Shambley Rd. off Hwy 70W. east of Buckhorn Rd. Items stolen- 2 yellow gold ring 1 ct. blue stone a/ brown. Value- 540.00
  Break in to residence 6421 Yarborough Rd. off Buckhorn Rd. Items stolen- 78.00 currency a/ yellow gold St. Christopher necklace. Value- 300.00
  Larceny from residence 4909 Carr Store Rd. off Efland Cedar Grove Rd. Items stolen air compressor grey in color unknown brand, water pump
Value- 300.00
06/17/08 and 06/18/08

Break in to residence 102 Ray Rd. off Smith Level Rd. north of Damascus Ch. Rd. Officers responded to an Alarm and discovered a break in to bathroom window, nothing was reported stolen.

  Larceny from rental property 1532 Clearwater lake Rd. off Mt. Carmel Ch. Rd. north of Mt, Carmel Ch. Rd. Items stolen- 4- antique cast iron 30 gallon pots. Value- 400.00
  Break in reported Hillsborough United Church of Christ 200 Davis Rd. off Old 86S. south of I-40 Items stolen- Mac book OSX laptop Samsung digital camera. Value 2,000.00 2-juveniles males were arrested a/ charged.

Damage to vehicle 511 Ann Rd. off Orange High Sch. Rd.

Victim reported driver’s side broken out overnight. Value- 200.00.
06/20/08 Break in to unlocked vehicle 9805 Dodsons Crossroads between Hwy 54W. a/ Dairyland Rd. Item stolen – 5.00 change
  Break in to unlocked vehicle 9822 Dodsons Crossroads. Items stolen- Kershaw (brand) folding pocket knife, 15.00 in currency.
  Larceny from carport 600 Phelps Rd. off Hwy 86N.

Items stolen- 4- weedeaters, push mower, wet/dry shop vacuum, 10 DVD’s a/ Apple IPod. Value- 850.00

  Damage to mailboxes entrance to Byrdsville M.H.P. off Old N.C.#10  
  Larceny from carport 622 Lancaster Rd. off Frazier Rd. off Hwy 70 W. Item stolen- Craftsman riding mower 22 h.p. 36”deck. Value- 500.00
06/20/08 thru 06/22/08 Break in to vacant business 3233 Hwy 54 W. between White Cross Rd. a/ Dodsons Crossroads. Item stolen- Ruby (brand) cash register. Value- 7,000.00
  Break in to unlocked vehicle 108 Sidney Green St. off Ferguson Rd. off Jones Ferry Rd. Items stolen- Tape adaptor a/  IPod. Value- 210.00
  Break in to residence 2303 Esther Dr. off Jo Mac Rd. off Bethel Hickory Gr. Ch. Rd. Items stolen- case of beer a/ 16.00 in currency.
  Break in to residence 2313 Lonnie Cir in Joppa Oaks off Hwy 86 south of Walmart Item stolen- 357 magnum revolver. Value- 500.00
  Break in to residence 5904 Lebanon Rd. west of Frazier Rd.

Items stolen- Samsung 32” T.V. Ithaca (brand) 12 gauge shotgun, Remington 20 gauge shotgun, Italian 303 bolt action rifle, Toshiba laptop, Matthews Outback (brand) Bow a/      arrow, a/ Bose stereo. Value- 6,075.00

  Stolen vehicle from Buckhorn Jockey lot on Buckhorn Rd.

1971 Chevy truck metallic green in color regular cab N.C. tags XSB-2948   Value- 15,000.00

  Break in to locked shed 1020 Haras Way off Sawmill Rd. between Hwy 86N. a/ Wilkerson Rd.

Items stolen- 10” Ryobi chop saw, Rigid reciprocating saw, Hushy pressure washer, Echo   16” chainsaw, a/ toolbox containing Craftsman tools. Value- 950.00

  Larceny of 100 pieces 20 ft. irrigation pipe 3010 McDade Store Rd. off Efland Cedar Gr. Rd.

Victim called reported 2 subjects stealing irrigation pipe from their farm property. Officers      arrived/ arrested a/ charged Jermaine Jackson black male a/ Dorica Torry  black female both from Hillsborough. Value of property 3,500.00

06/23/08 Larceny from residence 1816 Ivey Dr. off Old Greensboro Hwy. Item stolen from yard Webber (brand) Grill. Value- 100.00
  Damage to vehicle White Cross Rd. off Old Greensboro Hwy.

Victim reported their vehicle parked on roadside across from 808 White Cross Rd. For Sale, windshield a/ windows broken     out. Value- 500.00


Larceny of pocketbook from unlocked vehicle Mt. View Shell on Hwy 70E. east of St. Mary’s Rd.

Value- 50.00
  Break in reported to business Talbert’s M- Mart on Mt. Willing Rd.

Clerk had locked business a/ was in back stocking approx 12:20 am  when he heard glass break. Clerk reported seeing a black male wearing dark clothing w/ white gloves running from business, glass was broken   out of front door. Value- 500.00

  Break in to business Efland Beauty Shop Hwy 70W. west of Brookhollow Rd.

Officer was checking back of business approx 12:45 am. found back door      Kicked in, owner was contacted nothing reported stolen.

  Break in to business Efland Super Market Hwy 70W. a/ Brookhollow Rd.

Officers responded to an alarm a/ found glass in front door broken out.  Owner was contacted nothing reported stolen.

06/27/08 thru 06/29/08 Break in to locked residence reported 06/27/08 6:02pm. 1618 Smith Level Rd. Item stolen- Dell computer a/ monitor black in color. Value- 500.00

Break in to locked shed reported 06/29/08 12:40pm. 8422 Stanford Rd. off Hwy 54W.  west off Morrow Mill Rd.


Items stolen- Echo (brand) backpack blower, John Deere  self propelled mower, Coleman powermate generator, 2- power washers,2- Ryobi (brand) weed eaters, Stihl (brand) chainsaw, a/ 5 gals of gas. Value- 2,755.00

  Break in to locked residence reported 06/29/08 10:10am 3715 Martin Rd. off Buckhorn Rd. Item stolen- Stunt bike purple a/ black in color. Value- 900.00
  Break in to locked vehicle reported 06/29/08 10:10 am 2409 Buckhorn Rd. south of West Ten Rd. Item stolen- Dell Laptop silver in color. Value- 2,000.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 06/29/08 4:22pm 1716 Buckhorn Rd. Item stolen- jewelry. Value- 2,000.00
  Larceny from business reported 06/27/08 8:48 am Energy Partners 601E. Center St. off Hwy 70W. Item stolen- 20 gals. Of racing fuel. Value- 133.00
06/30/08 thru 07/01/08 Break in to Campground reported 07/01/08 11:49 am Clearwater Lake Rd. off Mt. Carmel Ch. Rd. Suspect(s) broke into campground a/ damaged 1 hp. Aerator fountain. Damage valued- 1,096.00
  Break in to unlocked residence reported 06/30/08 6:48pm. 201 Ray off Smith Level Rd.

Items stolen- 200.00 in cash, Apple I-Pod, G.E. digital camera, Sandisk MP player, a/ Nintendo Value- 715.00

  Larceny from shed reported 07/01/08 12:00pm 635 Dimmocks Mill Rd. off Ben Johnston Rd.

Items stolen- Troybilt (brand) self propelled mower w/ bagger red in color Misc tools sockets,rachets. Value 650.00

  Break in to locked residence reported 06/30/08 10:22pm. 1000 Timbers Dr. Lt#70 off Orange Grove Rd. Items stolen- 45.00 cash a/ beer. Value- 48.00

Break in to unlocked residence reported 06/30/08 7:51pm. 2008 Black Walnut Farm Rd. off Baldwin Rd. off St. Mary’s Rd.


Items stolen- Ladies jewelry- white gold 4- rings,3- white gold necklaces, 1- white ear rings, a/ 1- mens yellow gold ring. Value- $46,345.00

  Stolen handgun reported 07/01/08 12:00pm area of Sawmill Rd. between Hwy 86N. a/ Wilkerson Rd. Kel-Tec (brand) 380 cal. Semi-auto black in color ser# JM174. Value- 250.00


Please note that some incidents that are reported to our agency, the victim may have signed a waiver for the incident
not to be released to the media and the public. Therefore those incidents are not listed on this website.
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