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2008 Crime Report







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09/01/08 and 09/02/08 Larceny property reported 09/02/08 4:35pm 601 Elin Ct. Item stolen- 12’ black utility single axle trailer. Value- 1,200.00
  Break in to unlocked vehicle reported 09/02/08 9:36am 118 N. Oak St.  Item stolen- 3.00 in change.
  Larceny from back of truck reported 09/02/08 12:16pm.5605 Wagon Farm Rd. Items stolen- 15 gals gas, Husky (brand) chain saw. Value- 358.30
09/03/08 and 09/04/08 Break in to locked residence reported 09/03/08 5:57pm. 3701 Jones Ferry Rd.

Items stolen- Kenmore stainless steel refrigerator, microwave, range oven, a/ water softener. Honda motorized trowel. Value- 7,190.00

  Larceny from property reported 09/04/08 3:30pm. 2910 Butler Rd. 27516 off Hwy 54W.

Item stolen- German Sheppard female 2 years old approx 50lbs. black & silver in color Value- 300.00

  Vandalism to property reported 09/04/08 6:30pm. 7504 Dodsons Crossroads Items damaged- 2 Political signs a/ 4 driveway reflectors. Value- 25.00

Vandalism to property reported 09/03/08 10:00am 1905 Millikan Rd. between Morrow Mill Rd.  a/ Orange Clover Garden Ch. Rd

Items damaged- lock cut from driveway entrance gate. Value- 15.00
  Larceny from vehicle reported 09/03/08 4:48pm. 3104 Southern Dr. 27243 off Mt. Willing Rd. Item stolen- 2 rain guards from driver side a/ passenger side door. Value- 50.00
  Break in a/ damage to house under construction 7045 Yarborough Rd. 09/03/08 9:28am

off Buckhorn Rd. Items stolen- Silverline(brand) window Value-200.00 a/ patio doors damaged Value- 200.00


Vandalism to state Rd. reported 09/04/08 9:21am. 927 Spruce Pine Trail off Old N.C. #10 east of Mt. Herman Ch. Rd.

Citizen reported Graffiti spray painted on road “83 CRIPS”
09/05/08 thru 09/07/08 Break in to locked residence reported 09/05/08 8:07pm. 112 Woodcrest Dr. Front door a/ window damaged, nothing reported stolen. Value of damage- 400.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/05/08 5:45pm. 741 Smith Level Rd.

Items stolen- 2- Kodak digital cameras, Apple IPOD, Panasonic video camera a/ 100.00 currency  a/ 130.00 change. Value- 950.00

  Break in to locked residence reported 09/05/08 6:25pm. 737 Smith Level Rd. Front door damaged, nothing reported stolen. Value of damage- 200.00
  Break in to locked business reported 09/05/08 12:23pm. 3411 Old Pineview  Rd. off Hwy 54W Item stolen- 200 ct. SunTrust bank checks stolen- Value- 15.00
  Break in to unlocked shed reported 09/05/08 7:48pm. 7214 Morrow Mill Rd. off Hwy 54W Items stolen- Stihl chain saw a/ 6 Homemade Quilts. Value- 1,000.00
  Break in to unlocked reported 09/06/08 12:29pm. 7319 Morrow Mill Rd. Item stolen- Stihl chain saw. Value- 400.00
  Larceny from construction site reported 09/07/08 2:39pm.  Orchard Trail off Jones Ferry Rd. Item stolen-  multi-color fieldstone rock. Value- 1,000.00
  Larceny from property reported 09/05/08 8:29am. 2004 Homestead Rd.

Item stolen- 1973 Chevy Malibu blue w/ grey primer spots, no lic tags. Value- 2,500.00

  Break in to locked residence reported 09/07/08 3:27pm. 3401 Lt#1 Alice St. off Hwy 86S. Item stolen- Kodak digital camera. Value- 198.00
  Hit & Run damage to property reported 09/05/08 Fox Hill Farm Gate Dr. Vehicle reported ran over Stop sign
  Break in to locked business reported 09/07/08 3:24am

Officer reported while conducting business checks found  window broken out front of business, nothing reported stolen. Value of damage- 125.00

  Break in to unlocked residence reported 09/07/08 5:35pm. 5046 High Rock Rd. Items stolen- women’s jewelry. Value- 548.00
  Break in to locked garage reported 09/07/08 3:21pm. 1219 Mt. Willing Rd. Item stolen- Troy bilt 5550 watt generator. Value- 650.00
  Larceny from property reported 09/07/08 12:43am. 3623 Hwy 70W. 1970 Ford pickup grey primer w/ chrome rims N.C. lic AD-4023. Value- 1,500.00
  Larceny from business reported 09/07/08 10:33am. Buckhorn Jockey Lot. Buckhorn Rd. 2000 Dodge Neon 4dr. black in color N.C. lic  XSS-9728. Value- 6,000.00
09/08/08 Break in to locked business reported 09/08/08 2:49pm. 2823 Hwy 54 W. and Dodsons Crossroads

Items stolen- 10- packs Marlboro a/ Marlboro lights. 9- packs Winston lights a/ 11- packs camel lights. 15- cans of Budweiser a/ 8- cases of bottled Budweiser a/ 120.00 cash. Value- 419.00

  Stolen vehicle reported 09/08/08 4:44pm. 6805 Schley Rd 1992 Dodge Dakota pickup grey in color no license tags. Value- 5,000.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/08/08 8:44pm. 3410 Orange Grove Rd.

Officers received call from neighbor reported subject breaking into residence. Officers observed white male running from residence. Suspect was apprehended a/ charged.

  Break-in to unlocked residence reported 09/08/08 4:48pm. 4409 Harmony Ch. Rd. off Efland Cedar Grove Rd.

Items stolen- RCA 32” flat screen T.V. 3 wheel handicap scooter, Dell Computer, Ruger (brand) 44 cal. Rifle, Browning (brand) 270 rifle, black powder muzzle loader rifle, Haungton & Richardson 20 gauge shotgun a/ Black & Decker battery charger. Note** Same suspect charged w/ break in at 3410 Orange Grove Rd. was also charged w/ this break in.

  Break in to unlocked shed reported 09/08/08 2824 Efland Cedar Grove Rd.

      Items stolen- Craftsman 16” chain saw, Husqvarnia Chain saw a/ Delta pressure washer. Value- 950.00

  Break in to locked residence reported 09/08/08 9:00pm. 5323 Hwy 70 W.

Items stolen- Women’s yellow gold jewelry, personal checks  from State Employees Credit Union Ck# 1681 a/ #1740- #1769. Value- 975.10

09/09/08 thru 09/11/08 Break in to unlocked shed reported 09/09/08 5:56pm. 8710 Morrow Mill Rd. off Hwy 54W. Items stolen- Husqvarnia 16” chain saw a/ Rigid (brand) 18v. hammer drill. Value- 585.00
  Break in to unlocked shop reported 09/10/08 2:53pm. 1119 Hatch Rd. off hwy 54W. Items stolen- Husqvarnia 16” chain saw a/ Echo 20” chain saw. Value- 716.00
  Break in to business reported 09/11/08 Newstead Gardens off Hwy 54 W. Locks cut from outside building, nothing reported stolen.
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/11/08 218 Thomas Burke Dr. off Orange Grove Rd Item stolen- 42” flat screen T.V. Value- 500.00
  Damage to mailbox reported 09/11/08 11:43pm. 6520 Buckhorn Rd. dirt portion off Orange Grove Rd. Citizen reported male subjects in a small grey vehicle hanging the window hitting mailboxes w/ a base ball bat, last seen traveling south toward Orange Grove Rd
  Larceny from property reported 09/11/08 2:30pm. 1910 Crossroads Cemetary Ch. Rd. off Orange Grove Rd. Item stolen- Wooden lighthouse ornament 4’ high beige in color w/ glass globe. Value- 50.00
  Damage to vehicles on I-85 near Alamance Co. line reported 09/10/08 Victims reported white male operating a grey vehicle shooting paintballs at vehicles. Officers from our agency stopped suspect on I-85 near Durham Co. line. Suspect; white male from Greensboro was arrested.
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/11/08 2:43pm. 3729 Murphy Sch. Rd. off Old N.C.#10 Items stolen- Assorted hand tools, Milwaukee (brand) saw all, Makita (brand) hammer drill a/ Bosch
(brand) planner. Value- 1,655.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/09/08 5:24pm. 5901 Wilkins Dr. Apt#3 off Mt. Sinai Rd. Items stolen- 3- Browning (brand) 12 pump shotguns, American Case (brand) pump shotgun, Thompson Contender (brand) handgun, Toshiba laptop a/ 2,000.00 cash. Value- 8,750.00
  Break in to locked vehicle reported 09/10/08 8:05am. 2320 Little River Ch. Rd. off between Hwy 57N. a/
Walnut Grove Ch. Rd.
Passenger window broken out. Item stolen- misc. electrical tools. Value- 200.00
09/12/08 thru 09/14/08 Break in to locked reported 09/14/08 2:58pm. 2020 White Cross Rd. between Hwy 54W.a/ Old Greensboro Hwy. Item stolen- Black & Decker leaf blower. Value- 50.00
  Break in to locked construction trailer reported 09/12/08 6:21am 1707 Friendship Lane. off Baldwin Rd. off St. Mary’s Rd. Items stolen- Briggs&Stratton generator, DeWalt cut off saw, 100’ electrical cord, 3 way drop cord a/ 2- 6’ step ladders.
Value- 1,765.00
  Break in to unlocked vehicle reported 09/13/08 11:58pm. 602 Lemmontree Lane. off Orange High School. Rd. Items stolen- 500.00 in cash, LG (brand) NV2 cell phone a/ black purse. Value- 735.00
  Larceny from property reported 09/12/08 7:44pm. 4822 Guess Rd. off Hwy 57N. Item stolen- black in color homemade pig cooker. Value- 900.00
09/15/08 thru 09/17/08 Break in to locked residence reported 09/16/08 5:15pm Marion Way off Carl Dr. off Hatch Rd. Items stolen- 2- Macintosh laptops w/ 17” screens, Canon digital camera a/ 2- Apple Ipods. Value- 3,300.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/17/08 5:23pm. 407 Miller Rd. off Hwy 70E. Items stolen- Winchester 270 cal. Rifle w/ scope, 470.00 in cash a/ yellow gold ring. Value- 2,170.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/16/08 7:47pm. 2618 St. Mary’s Rd. Item stolen- 340.00 in change
  Break in to business Mebane Lumber Co. reported 09/15/08 8:14am 7401 Hwy 70W. Items stolen- Husqvarnia 20” chain saw a/ 5’ chain w/ combination lock. Value- 450.00
09/18/08 Break in to business reported 09/18/08 6:28am. Poncho’s Garage 1401 N.C #10 off Hwy 86S Items stolen- 500.00 in currency a/ 200.00 in coins
  Break in to unlocked shed reported 09/18/08 2:34pm. 901 Arthur Minnis Rd. off Old Hwy 86S Item stolen- John Deere 42” riding mower. Value- 2,000.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/18/08 7:30am. 4200 Lt#6 N.C #10 west of Mt. Herman Ch. Rd.

Items stolen- Japanese rifle, jewelry a/ 1,500.00 in quarters. Value- 2,2250.00

09/19/08 thru 09/21/08 Break in to locked residence reported 09/21/08 8:59pm. 300 Stony Hill Rd. Items stolen- jewelry ,digital camera, 2- master card credit cards, victim’s operators lic. a/ 100.00 cash
Value- 5,390.00
  Break in to locked residence reported 09/19/08 6:14pm. #34 Sedgewood Rd. Items stolen- Dell laptop, Sentry safe 2’X2’ containing jewelry a/ legal documents. Value- 20,800.00
  Larceny from property reported 09/19/08 10:25am. Item stolen- push mower green in color-. Value- 75.00
09/26/08 thru 09/28/08

Larceny of vehicle reported 09/27/08 11:01pm. 315 Hwy 54W. 27516

1989 Dodge Van light blue in color N.C. lic # VWA-2132. Value- 5,000.00

Larceny of disabled vehicle reported 09/28/08 5:45pm. 8907 Rollingwood Rd.27516 off Dairyland Rd.

1978 Ford pickup light blue in color no tags. Value- 1,000.00

Larceny of vehicle reported 09/26/08 5:42pm.  211 Crestwood Cir off Bethel Hickory Grove Ch. Rd. 27516

1999Nissan Sentra light purple in color 4 dr. no tags. Value- 8,000.00

  Break in to locked residence reported 09/28/08 520 Marion Way off Dairyland Rd. 27516

3 bottles of wine stolen. Neighbor reported seeing a white male w/ black pants walking through neighborhood earlier in the day.


Numerous mailboxes reported damaged on 09/28/08 St. Mary’s Rd. Percussion Dr. off Walker Rd.Walker Rd. off New Sharon Ch. Rd.a/ Phelps Rd. between Hwy 57N. a/ Hwy 86N.

  Break in to locked vehicle reported 09/28/08 4:15pm. 6911 Mt. Herman Ch. Rd. business Caddy Shack 27705

Items stolen- men’s wallet containing 140.00 cash 3 credit cards a/ operator’s license. Value- 212.00

  Larceny of license tags stolen from disabled vehicle I-85  Efland exit 27243

N.C. lic. VXZ-1771 reported 09/28/08

  Break in to locked residence reported 09/28/08 11:37am. 4915 Lynch Store Rd. off N.C. 49N. 27302

Items stolen- 2- Sanyo 20” flat screen T.V.s , 2- play station game systems, Fuji film digital camera,25 assorted play station games a/ 27.00 in cash. Value- 1,623.00


Larceny of vehicle reported 09/30/08 8:02am. 6911 U.S. 70W. 27302.    1999 Toyota Camry 4dr. grey in color N.C. license VXV- 1616.


Value- 4,000.00




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