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. Orange County's Detention Facility

Visitation Procedures for Orange County's Detention Facility

All Federal Inmates housed for the U. S. Marshal's service have visitation on every Sunday.
2.  All State Inmates have visitation on Saturday.
3.  Visitation is from 12:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.  There are no exceptions.
**Each inmate is allowed 15 minutes total time.  

Each inmate may have up to 4 visitors during the 15 minute time period. 

nmates must have the name of the visitors on his/her visitation list
or that visitor will be refused.
Inmates know and understand this rule!!!!!

Any visitor can be denied visitation privileges. Inmates can also be denied this privilege for reasons deemed appropriate by the staff.

All visitors on the inmates visitation list must produce identification in the form of a photo identification such as a drivers license or an identification card. Each visitor shall give the identification to the detention officer receiving visitors at the front window to verify the personís identity for visitation.

Guidelines for leaving property for an inmate.

     1.) No US currency larger than $20.00 bills.
     2.) Only three pairs of socks, underwear, t-shirts are allowed. All underwear must be white.
     3.) No personal checks.
     4.) No items other than legal mail will be accepted into, or released from the detention center.
     5.) Photographs are not allowed in the jail.
     6.) Personal hygiene products are not allowed unless authorized by the Detention Supervisor and/or Doctor.
     7.) No money or clothing will be accepted during visitation hours on Saturday & Sunday.