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If a person moves to North Carolina from outside North Carolina they shall register within 10 days of establishing residence in this State or whenever they have been present in this State for 15 days, which ever comes first.

If a person is a resident of North Carolina they shall register within 10 days of release from a penal institution or arrival in a county to live outside of a penal institution on or after January 1, 1996 or;

Immediately upon conviction of a reportable offense where an active term of imprisonment was not imposed on or after January 1, 1996 or,

The total number of sex offenders registered with Orange County Sheriff’s Office from January 1, 1996 to date totals 121 individuals. Currently, Orange County Sheriff’s Office has 78 persons registered as reportable sex offenders.

Residential visits are not required; however on May 2, 2005 the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Investigator in charge of registering and keeping sexual offenders addresses current began conducting residential visits. To date 78 registered offenders have received unannounced visits by our investigator.

Since 1996 44 warrants have been issued for other violations. Some warrants are outstanding because the individuals have fled the state. All outstanding warrants have been entered into NCIC. One individual was located on an outstanding warrant during August. The individual is now in custody awaiting his court date.

Inclusion of this information into our web site is provided as a service and quick reference for concerned citizens

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