Orange County Landfill Tons Managed 2016 to 2017

Type of Material BuriedTonsPercent Landfilled
Municipal Solid Waste (OC MSW Landfill closed June 30, 2013)N/AN/A
Construction and Demolition Waste8,55291%
Stumps and inert debris7899%
Mobile Homes11less than 1%
Total Buried9,352100%

Type of Material Recovered and Recycled at LandfillTonsPercent Recovered
Vegetative Waste7,62272%
White Goods3083%
Scrap Metal8748%
Clean Wood5025%
Mattresses55less than 1%
Oyster Shells20less than 1%
Total Recovered at Landfill10,586100%
Total Managed at Landfill19,938 

Waste Generated by Origin 2016 to 2017

Orange County disposed elsewhere (MSW, Mixed C and D)11,44720%
Town of Carrboro disposed elsewhere (MSW)6,77212%
Town of Chapel Hill disposed elsewhere  (MSW)14,33725%
Town of Hillsborough disposed elsewhere  (MSW)3,3626%
UNC disposed elsewhere  (MSW)5,70410%
UNC Health Care disposed elsewhere (MSW, non-medical waste)2,3074%
Privately hauled MSW from OC disposed elsewhere13,42723%

C&D from Orange County Disposed in & out of Orange County 2016 to 2017

All C and D buried in Orange County (includes 134 tons from UNC)9,32267%
C and D from Orange County buried elsewhere4,52533%
Total C and D from Orange County13,847 100%

Tons of materials managed by Orange Community Recycling (OCR) Division 2016 to 2017

Type of Material RecycledTonsPercent
"Single Stream" Commingled Bottles, Cans, Jars, Paper14,07678%
Toxics Reduction Improvement Program (TRIP) (includes hazardous waste, motor oil, filters, batteries and electronics)6394%
Corrugated Cardboard1,2717%
Rigid Non-bottle Numbers 2. 4 and 5 Plastics1571%
Food Waste1,90711%
Textiles and Plastic Bags10less than 1%
Total recycled by OCR18,060100%

Statistics include collection of materials from drop-off locations and Commercial Recycling Program

Tonnage Recycled by Orange Community Recycling Programs 2016 to 2017

Urban Curbside5,99933%
Rural Curbside2,85616%
Drop off (Single stream, cardboard, rigid plastics, textiles, plastic bags)3,87422%
Toxics Reduction Improvement Program (TRIP)6394%
Commercial recycling9255%
Commercial Food Waste Recycling1,90711%
Government Facilities Recycling2381%
Orange County and Chapel Hill/Carrboro School Recycling 3512%
Total 18,060100%

Recycling by Others 2016-2017 (Not Orange County Solid Waste Department)

Other private recycling (estimated)1,20020%

These tons are estimated based on UNC report and data previously reported by other recyclers.