Campaign Reporting & Candidate Information

Candidate Information

Any candidate, referendum committee, or political action committee (PAC) as defined in NCGS §163-278.6 must register their committee by filing the appropriate campaign organizational forms.

Required Treasurer Training

NCGS §163-278.7: Every treasurer of a political committee shall participate in training as to the duties of the office within three months of appointment, and at least every four years thereafter. View a complete list of available mandatory training seminars (PDF).

Political Signs

Candidates should contact the individual Planning Departments regarding signage. The County and each Municipality has their own ordinance regarding signage. For more information view the Statutes Regarding Political Signs (PDF).

Planning Department Information

  • Carrboro Planning Department: 919-918-7324
  • Chapel Hill Planning Department: 919-968-2728
  • Hillsborough Planning Department: 919-732-1270
  • Mebane Planning Department: 919-563-9990
  • Orange County Planning Department: 919-245-2575
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