Lucky Day Collection

In our Lucky Day Collections, you will find hot-off-the-press books from your favorite authors, with no waiting. 

Finding a Lucky Day Collection Book

  1. Visit a library location.
  2. Go to the Lucky Day Collection shelf.
  3. Browse what's available that day and check something out.


  • You may check out up to 2 Lucky Day books at a time for up to 14 days.
  • In order to spread the luck, we do not allow holds or renewals on our Lucky Day items.
  • You can still check out books from our regular collections at the same time.


Even though you can check our catalog to see if we have a book in the Lucky Day Collection, there is no guarantee it will be on the shelf when you get there. If that is the case, you could also see if the book is on hoopla or OverDrive.

View the books that are currently available in our Lucky Day Collection!

Lucky Day Sticker with Green Background and White Shamrock

Lucky Day Book Sticker

To distinguish Lucky Day Collection books from our regular library collection, each item has a Lucky Day sticker on its spine.