Current Planning

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Current Planning service delivery has changed. Please click “Current Planning COVID-19 Service Changes” under the Quick Links list to the right for more information.

The Current Planning Division is responsible for writing and enforcing zoning and subdivision regulations that are designed both to protect the natural environment and to affect the physical development of lands within the Orange County zoning jurisdiction.

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Services Include

  • Review and analysis of all Major and Minor Subdivisions
  • Review and analysis of requests for Variances and Special Use Permits
  • Review of all commercial, industrial, and residential Site Plans to ensure compliance with applicable County, State, and Federal regulations
  • Review of Telecommunication (Cell) Towers and Facilities
  • Advocate for Green Building Design
  • Development of Small Area Plans
  • Coordination of infrastructure improvements during the development process:
    • Landscaping
    • Open space networks
    • Proposed street patterns
    • Utility provision
    • Water/Sewer provision
  • Regulation of Signs, Outdoor Lighting, and Landscaping Requirements
  • Regulation of Childcare and Education Facilities
  • Processing of all Zoning Atlas Amendments
  • Writing text amendments and making recommendations concerning petitioner-filed text amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance
  • Enforcement of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) (PDF)
  • Enforcement of State and Local Watershed Regulations
  • Providing staff support to the Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, and Board of County Commissioners
  • Making public presentations and recommendations regarding regulatory issues and proposed developments