Bicycle Safety

The Bicycle Safety Implementation Subcommittee (BSIS) of the OUTBoard was formed in June 2017 to begin implementation of the “Drive Safely, Ride Safely” Campaign developed by the Bicycle Safety Task Force (BSTF) through its work in 2016-2017. The Campaign is designed to foster mutual respect and shared interest in road safety between motorists and cyclists. Tasks include motorist and cyclist education with local signage and messaging that focuses on common-sense safety and sharing the road. Recommended safety practices emphasize safe passing, the importance of motorists and cyclists yielding to emergency vehicles, best practices for large groups of riders and safety equipment for bicycles.

The  website provides information on the Bicycle Safety Campaign, bicycle safety laws, Campaign social media links, public education materials and links to various bicycle organizations.


The Bike Rodeo is an event planned by the Bicycle Safety Implementation Subcommittee (BSIS), in cooperation with the Sheriff’s Department and the Safe Kids Coalition. Groups of kids from the community center camps will be attending. The rodeo is intended to teach kids grades K-6 how to bike safely. Highlights of the event will include:

  •  Instruction and bike riding lessons by licensed instructors (LCI’s)
  • Learning how to put helmets on safely
  • Practicing starting and stopping
  • Going through an obstacle course
  • Learning hand signals
  • Learning how to put bikes on the front of buses
  •  Games
  •  Give-aways: stickers, pins, brochures, bike lights, and helmets (we are giving away a limited number of helmets to the first kids who arrive)
  • Refreshments (water, slushies, popcorn)
  • Numerous adults will be present for supervision from the BSIS, Planning staff, Sheriff’s Department, Safe Kids Coalition and Cedar Grove Community Center. 
  • The Sheriff’s Department will have someone from their office taking photographs of the event