Orange County Climate Council

Registration is open for the Climate Council's first Annual Community Update Event, on October 22nd at 7pm.

Join us as we celebrate our first year of actions and learn more about what we can all do to reduce our impact and assist our neighbors in this unprecedented time.

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Newly Available Products of the Climate Council

The Climate Action Reporting Database (CARD) – A database of the current and recent climate actions taken by Climate Council member organizations.

The OCCC Policy Ideas List – This working document contains a list of policies and actions that have largely not yet been taken by Climate Council members. This is a place where future climate policies and actions are being considered.

The Orange County Climate Council was jointly formed by Orange County, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Hillsborough as a collaborative effort among the municipal governments, the school systems, UNC, and residents in 2019.

Vision Statement (The future condition the Climate Council is working towards.)

Orange County is a vibrant, inclusive community that meets urgent, science-based greenhouse gas emissions and resilience goals. We unite through action, build community, equitably share resources, and collaborate with others to create a healthy, sustainable place to live for all residents and future generations.

Mission Statement (How and why the Climate Council is working.)

The Orange County Climate Council accelerates joint action addressing the climate emergency by sharing successful strategies and identifying equitable opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, provide stewardship of the natural world, and protect all County residents from climate impacts.