Currently Funded Programs


Boomerang Youth, Inc.
Program Type: Juvenile Structured
Brief Description: Boomerang is a resiliency-based program that engages youth ages 11-17 at risk for disconnection due to short-term suspension or court-involvement, by providing support services to mitigate the risk of school dropout through brief counseling, tutoring, and life skills development during out-of-school time. Boomerang programming is strengths-based, recognizing the assets of each individual student and building on those to create stronger connections to school, family and community.

Child & Adolescent Outpatient Services

Freedom House Recovery Center
Program Type: Assessments
Brief Description: Provides a comprehensive clinical assessment and psychiatric evaluation, as needed, for youth who are uninsured or who have insurance, but whose families cannot afford their deductible.

Program Type: Individual Counseling
Brief Description: Consumers assessed with a mental health/trauma-related disorder will be connected to up to 10 sessions of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a psychiatric evaluation and up to two psychiatric follow-up visits. Consumers assessed to have a substance use disorder will also be connected to at least 10 sessions of individual SUDs counseling using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a method of treating identifying thoughts, feelings and the impulses that lead to drug use and other illegal acts.

Community Service & Restitution

Volunteers for Youth, Inc.
Program Type: Restitution/Community Service
Brief Description: The Juvenile Community Service and Restitution Program works with Orange County youth who have committed offenses and are assigned community service hours and/or restitution. Youth are assigned to nonprofit work sites throughout the county where volunteer supervisors oversee and evaluate their work. Through the program, youthful offenders learn important lessons in responsibility and accountability and often develop positive relationships with their adult supervisors.

Family Advocacy Network

Freedom House Recovery Center
Program Type: Parent/Family Skills Building
Brief Description: Family Advocates work one-on-one and in group settings with parents of at-risk youth with mental health/substance abuse conditions. Goal is to strengthen parenting skills, reduce parent/youth conflicts, set family goals and teach parents skills to meet these goals for court-involved youth. Family Advocacy Network is a best practice program model utilizing evidence based curricula with clients.

Comprehensive Youth & Family Conflict Resolution & Victim-Offender Mediation

Dispute Settlement Center
Program Type: Interpersonal Skill Building
Brief Description: Program provides a holistic approach for conflict resolution and communication skills for youth and their families through mediation and parent training classes. Trained facilitators provide family conflict intervention and youth/family skill-building through an eight week curriculum while having the capacity to meet the needs of Low English Proficiency Youth.
Program Type: Mediation/Conflict Resolution
Brief Description: Restorative Justice practices to facilitate mediation and accountability processes by trained facilitators and mediators. Program serves youth referred by Court Counselors, schools, and community partners.

Psychological Services

Freedom House Recovery Center
Program Type: Assessments
Brief Description: Provides psychological evaluations and/or assessments for juvenile court involved youth to assist court in best recommendations for youth to minimize the likelihood of recidivism.

Teen Court

Volunteers for Youth, Inc.
Program Type: Teen Court
Brief Description: Teen Court is an alternative court program for middle and high school students based upon the principles of restorative justice. First time offenders are tried and sentenced by a jury of their peers. Fellow students take the roles of defense attorney, prosecutor, clerk of court, bailiff, or juror to carry out these proceedings. Local attorneys volunteer to serve as Teen Court judges. Participants are sentenced to complete community service hours and jury duties on future Teen Court cases.

Wrenn House

Haven House Inc.
Program Type: Runaway Shelter Care
Brief Description: Wrenn House is crisis shelter designed to provide safe environment for runaway, homeless and in-crisis youth. Wrenn House is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Services are for youth ages 10-17. By offering temporary shelter, it eliminates need for illegal means of support by homeless and runaway youth and therefore reduces rate of juvenile crime. It also serves as alternative to detention. Services are provided within therapeutic environment while promoting individuality and empowerment.

Young Warriors Athletic Scholarship Program

Ligo Dojo of Budo Karate
Program Type: Interpersonal Skill Building
Brief Description: Challenge programming to promote interpersonal skill building for at-risk and court-referred youth through disciplined karate instruction and training. Service delivery for court involved youth is minimally 20 classes over a 12 week period. Program provides structured activity and skill building through health, self-discipline, and modeling appropriate behaviors in a group setting.

Additional Information

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